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What3WordsDUBAI, June 29, 2016. Aramex has invested US$2.94 million as part of US$8.5 million in new funding for what3words, an addressing platform based on a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares, where each square has a unique pre-assigned three-word address.

The company says the solution helps anyone who needs to find or share a location - whether they are navigation apps, governments, logistics firms, travel guides or NGOs, says the company.

Aramex says it will use what3words in its e-Commerce fulfillment operations across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for last-mile delivery. The company has already invested in a number of mobile-based last-mile solutions including Grab and Logisure in India, Shippify in South America and CashBasha in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Aramex CEO Hussein Hachem commented: “By integrating three word addresses into our e-Commerce operations we are now better able to reach more consumers worldwide, even those in difficult-to- access locations. The partnership is also perfectly aligned with our commitment to becoming a global addressing standard.”

Available in 10 languages and used in more than 170 countries, what3words will use the new investment to launch its voice recognition product in the smartphone, wearables, and automotive sectors as well as develop its three-word address system in several Asian languages.

Product integrations include Navmii for Norway’s National Mapping Agency, the U.N. data collection app UN-ASIGN, and the world’s largest geographic software providers Esri, Safe Software and Boundless.

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