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LONDON: January 08, 2019. After 17.4 million hits, 9.1 million pages views and over 1.6 million unique visits last year, these 15 freightweek stories were the most read:

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Block train helps Maersk Line expands in Nepal Read more

Austria signs Bangladesh aviation agreement and plans Vienna expansion Read more
XPO Logistics to validate new UK grocery standards Read more
First UAE-built satellite nears launch date Read more
Blockchain technology to save a million lives a year Read more
Amazon expands at Cincinnati hub Read more
XPO takeover a bad idea Read more
Arizona plans bridge not wall with Mexico Read more

New trade portal for the Dominican Republic Read more
First of four B777s delivered to Ukraine International Airlines Read more
Low marks for Russian corporate transparency Read more
US$4.5 trillion circular economy goes mainstream Read more

U.S. imposes mandatory air cargo screening Read more
Air cargo: is it just about the technology? Read more

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