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ACA/SCA 2023


CMA CGM NISThe CMA CGM Group has launched Networking Intermediation Services (NIS), a business matchmaking solution.

The carrier describes NIS as "a unique, unprecedented solution to accelerate business growth for the CMA CGM Group’s customers". In line with its Customer Centricity strategy, CMA CGM is committed to providing customized support to its clients as they pursue international expansion and business development. With NETWORKING INTERMEDIATION SERVICES, the Group gives them the ability to expand their activity worldwide, to create new business opportunities and to find the suppliers or customers that best meet their needs.

The CMA CGM teams are available to help the Group’s clients: Find trustworthy partners; Diversify their customer and/or supplier portfolio; Reach new markets;
Leverage alternative business opportunities; Reduce the cost, time and effort associated with business development;
Find better quality products and more advantageous terms.

NIS is backed by the unique network of the CMA CGM Group. Present in 160 countries through its 755 offices, the Group deals with companies operating in a wide variety of business sectors: textile, food, agriculture, manufactured goods, industrial equipment, etc.

A dedicated team based at the Group’s head office in Marseille screens its clients to find the most reliable, driven and dynamic business partners. To ensure adherence to the highest standards, potential partners must meet the following criteria to participate in NIS: Have a business expansion plan; Have a long-term relationship with CMA CGM;
Comply with the CMA CGM Code of Ethics; Demonstrate sound management (clear of liabilities and outstanding payments to CMA CGM).

The business matchmaking occurs in three main stages:
The client tells the CMA CGM team about its business goals;
CMA CGM presents them with a list of potential new business partners; The two potential partners begin negotiating to develop their activity. The exporter only incurs fees if an agreement is signed.

Marking the launch of NIS, Mathieu Friedberg, Senior Vice President – Commercial & Agencies Network, CMA CGM Group, declares: “With NIS, the CMA CGM Group is leveraging the trusted network it has built over the course of its 40-plus years of experience. By helping our customers grow with ever more innovative solutions, we are reaffirming our desire to put clients at the heart of our strategy.”

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