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NiKRASA shipment in the Budapest Terminal TX Logistik copyTX Logistik AG is now deploying the NiKRASA system with which non- crane liftable semi-trailers can be loaded onto the rails in Hungary. The first shipment for a Hungarian customer took place on the route between Herne and Budapest.

“There has always been high-volume traffic between Hungary and Germany. However, only a very small number of craneable semi-trailers have been available for rail transport in Hungary,” explains Bernd Weisweiler, Director of Business Development, Innovation and Funding at TX Logistik. “Our NiKRASA system, with which we can get almost any semi-trailer onto the rails quickly and easily, is therefore attracting a great deal of interest among Hungarian forwarders.”

International-Alexander has been gained as a new customer, and on its behalf the first non-craneable semi-trailer has now been successfully loaded at the Budapest rail terminal Mahart Container Center for transport to Germany.

“Especially on our connection between Herne and Budapest, which we currently operate with five round trips per week, we can see good opportunities for further NiKRASA customers,” says Bernd Weisweiler.

“With the Herne - Budapest connection, customers can now use the NiKRASA system on a total of ten routes,” adds Christoph Dörre, Manager for NiKRASA and Business Development, Innovation and Funding at TX Logistik.

“In the future, we are planning to consolidate this network with additional lines and thus support the development of the European TXL and Mercitalia network at the same time.”

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