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ASM StatesideAgency Sector Management (ASM) has signed up Stateside Skates to its Customs clearance software Sequoia, as the action sports SME gets a system in place to help it meet new trading conditions set to come into effect when the UK exits the European Union (EU).

The company began trading in 1981 and owns, designs and distributes seven brands in the action sports industry, selling skateboards, roller skates, ice skates, helmets, scooters and all related accessories.

The UK supply chain is in a race against time to implement the systems needed from 31st December, when the UK leaves the EU.

Brexit could have a huge impact on the SME, as around 65 per cent of its business is exports to the EU and it will use the Sequoia software to do its own outbound Customs clearance.

“We currently ship multiple consignments per day into the EU which, after the transition period has ended, will need to be Customs cleared before leaving the UK,” said Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates.

“We plan to consolidate these consignments into one single ‘mother’ consignment and do our own outbound Customs clearance for this consignment through the Sequoia software.”

Crichton said when the UK is outside the EU and potentially without a trade deal, the possible impacts on customers and Stateside Skates will be huge and it needs to continue trading with no downsides.

When the UK leaves the EU, customers will need to pay import VAT and will become the importer of records into the EU – which could lead to higher duty and Customs clearance costs.

“The biggest challenge for us is not knowing what to plan for. There is not enough information being released for SMEs to understand what the potential impact will be on trade.

“The least we can do is to get the right system in place, which can help us deal with any potential impact on trade,” said Crichton.

Peter MacSwiney, Chairman of ASM, said he is delighted to sign up Stateside Skates to help the SME navigate future changes to Customs clearance when the UK exits the EU at the end of this year.

“Stateside Skates identified ASM’s Sequoia Customs clearance software to help them with business continuity as the UK leaves the EU.

“Sequoia delivers outstanding levels of productivity and compliance benefits to forwarders,” he said.

Last month, the UK Government announced that import controls would be brought in on EU goods at the border from 31st December 2020.

“Now is the time to get the right software in place, or if you have the software, it might be that you need to get the automation in place to deal with the increased volume of entries that is predicted,” said MacSwiney.

ASM is an independent company and its one-stop Sequoia Customs clearance software is used across the international freight supply chain.

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