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APMT Buenos AiresAPM Terminals Buenos Aires has commissioned a new cold-store chamber. The chamber can maintain constant temperatures as low as -35°C, making suitable to handle a variety of cargos including fruit, frozen produce and meat which require strict temperature control throughout the supply chain.

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic, our cooling chamber may have arrived at a vital moment, given that cargo often have to be stored at specific temperatures to maintain their quality,” said Marcelo Siminet, Head of Operations in APM Terminals Buenos Aires.

The chamber is located within the customers bonded area of the terminal, reducing the need for additional transport costs, inconvenience, risk and paperwork associated with off-terminal facilities. It is fully approved by SENASA, the Argentinian government ministry responsible for executing national policies on animal and plant health and quality, and food safety.

The 60 cubic meter chamber, measuring 11.84m long, 1.96m wide and 2.55 high, can store up to 11 standard pallets or 14 Euro pallets simultaneously. The innovative chamber is operated by a specially trained team, who understand the importance of maintaining quality from origin to destination. In addition to storage the chamber can be used to maintain constant temperatures during the stuffing process.

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