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Virtual meetings Ashok Rajan IBS Software and Lionel van der Walt PayCargoPayCargo and IBS Software announced a joint partnership that enables rich API-based integration between their market-leading industry platforms.

The integration of PayCargo's digital payments network with IBS Software's iCargo air cargo management platform will enable more carriers and cargo ground handling companies to digitalize and simplify payments, reducing manual processes and streamlining operations.

This partnership will further position both companies as trusted digital platforms across their respective areas in the industry.

The move is part of PayCargo's continued focus on open collaboration and adds to the growing list of partnerships it has entered into with other supply chain stakeholders.

For IBS Software, the partnership is part of its ongoing initiatives to enable rapid adoption of digitalization for its customers, including many of the world's largest airlines and cargo ground handlers.

The capability to offer integrated digital payments out of the iCargo platform – which powers cargo operations at some of the world's largest air freight hubs, will greatly improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

It will also help reduce bottlenecks and waiting times at busy terminals, where traffic congestions and delays are becoming a major cause for concern for airlines, terminal operators and customers.

"The integration with IBS Software continues our philosophy of collaborating with industry partners to facilitate the expeditious release of shipments," said Lionel van der Walt, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Americas, PayCargo.

"Integration with our airline and ground handler vendors' operational system partners makes sense as it enables their staff to expedite the release of cargo without the need for accessing multiple systems and automates data flows to save time and avoid costly human errors."

This has become even more relevant as the global cargo and shipping supply chain has had to rethink the way it does business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the majority of employees now working from home and demand soaring for a reliable online freight payment platform solution.

As social distancing has become part of the global policy to halt the spread of COVID-19, it is clear how unsuitable using cash, checks, vouchers and traditional POS terminals are, and the value and need for contactless processes such as digital payments has become essential.

"COVID-19 is expediting digital transformation across the air cargo industry and PayCargo is working with partners such as IBS Software to lead the delivery of meaningful solutions to help the industry weather the storm," said van der Walt.

"Our online payment platform is proving to be valuable to stakeholders as it is helping drive transparency, cost efficiency and boosting operational performance."

"PayCargo is pleased to collaborate with IBS Software to drive such digital change in the air cargo industry. This is much needed and critical to the success of the transformation that is essential to secure the future of the industry."

"The air cargo industry has traditionally been seen as a laggard in the adoption of innovative technology, but this is poised to change significantly. The demand for faster, more reliable and more transparent supply chains is increasing at a pace never seen before and digitalization is the key to unlocking the huge potential for everyone in the supply chain," said Ashok Rajan, Senior Vice President & Head of Cargo & Logistics, IBS Software.

"IBS software has been working towards this by investing in the iCargo platform to create an 'ecosystem of digital extensions' by partnering with specialist providers to enable our customers to seamlessly adopt digital processes and capabilities into their businesses."

"Digitalization in the payments and settlement process will enable cargo carriers, cargo ground handling companies as well as freight forwarders to improve cash collection, reduce manual effort and make the overall process more transparent and streamlined."

"This is proving to be a major enabler in the context of COVID-19, as it has required companies to think outside the box and make their process 'touch-free' - a trend, which will accelerate adoption of innovative technology."

"We are very happy to partner with PayCargo in the area of digital payments and settlements to make such capabilities easily accessible to our customers," continued Ashok Rajan.

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