Flytware DroneFlytBase and RAWview have announced a collaboration that brings FlytWare – a fully autonomous, drone-based inventory counting solution – to UK warehouse operators.

The challenges facing warehouse operators who are interested in utilising autonomous drones for inventory management are the perceived time and resources required to fully deploy and integrate drones into inventory processes. The process of finding the best drone solution, including intelligent automation software and WMS integration capabilities can be time-consuming.

It’s precisely these obstacles that the FlytBase and RAWview partnership is designed to overcome. By providing an end-to-end solution, encompassing the required hardware, software, training and support, FlytWare enables warehouse operators to cost-effectively transition to autonomous aerial warehouse inventory scans.

 As Nitin Gupta, Director, FlytBase summarized it: “We are witnessing a rapid adoption of automation solutions by the warehousing industry given the recent pandemic and acceleration of supply chains. We are happy to add RAWview to our partner ecosystem and help customers in the UK logistics industry deploy drones to automate their inventory operations, improve safety and efficiency, and save time and costs.”

Joseph Waldron, Product Integration Director at RAWview concurred: “The commercial drone industry in the UK now includes the deployment of drone fleets for supply chain and logistics applications. As warehouses seek to gain a competitive advantage via technology. RAWview is glad to take the FlytWare solution to the UK market and ensure that customers have reliable access to on-site support, service and economies of scale.“

Manual inventory counts are ill-suited to high volume and high velocity operations. With accelerating supply chains, warehouses are forced to spend more time and labour to increase the frequency of inventory counts. Furthermore, scanning tens of thousands of bin locations manually is inevitably prone to human error and leads to discrepancies with inventory data in the WMS. Manual inventory operations can also reduce the safety of warehouse employees.

COVID has resulted in an acceleration in warehouse automation - a trend that FlytBase and RAWview are poised to ride together. By adding a layer of hassle-free installation, service, and support, the companies seek to help customers adopt fleets of cost-effective, off-the-shelf drones for various use-cases at large warehouses, distribution centers and air cargo facilities.