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deugro christian arndt copydeugro has extended its proprietary tracking and tracing software deugro visiotrack with an e-procurement module for the B2B sector.

In close client cooperation, deugro has developed a new e-procurement module for companies with a decentralized material purchasing management.
deugro visiotrack connects clients with their suppliers using tailored interfaces. Orders can be entered directly into the system and the corresponding delivery status can be tracked immediately.

The streamlined ordering processes and their logistical execution increases transparency, responsiveness and planning reliability for all stakeholders. This aims to offer considerable cost savings, especially in warehousing but also in logistical processing.

“With the extended e-procurement modules, deugro visiotrack is setting new industry standards for supply chain visibility. We strive to provide our clients utmost predictability and to support them in managing their supply cycle with the objective to reduce expenditure. An overview of the deugro visiotrack’s functionalities can be obtained through our freshly produced, informative video. Our experts are also personally available at all times to answer any detailed questions, such as those regarding interfaces and data connection to our new e-procurement module,” said Christian Arndt, Senior Vice President Oil & Gas Logistics, deugro.

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