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Delta Cargo resized copyDelta is in a unique position to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine on a global scale thanks to its extensive global network, unmatched international airline partnerships and proven ability to safely and effectively transport COVID-19 vaccines.

The global carrier is also using its unique Vaccine Watch Tower to prioritize every shipment booked with the COV special handing code.

“We have been shipping vaccines daily throughout the U.S. with 100 percent reliability, and as the global effort accelerates, we have been able to leverage our international network and Pharma expertise to extend our vaccine distribution into numerous international markets,” said Rob Walpole, V.P. – Delta Cargo. “Our unique Vaccine Watch Tower has been critical in providing our customers peace of mind throughout the shipping process, in what is often a complex logistics chain.”

Delta’s broad and nimble global distribution network is enhanced through its close coordination with its airline partners including Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, Virgin Atlantic Cargo, Korean Air Cargo and Aeromexico Cargo – as well as SkyTeam Cargo partners. Together, they provide worldwide reach with stop-gap reliability and greater ability to warehouse and ship vaccines from more global hubs.

Delta has already successfully completed critical shipments between the U.S. and Europe, including from Madrid to New York-JFK and from Detroit to Brussels. Its full-service pharma capabilities include temperature-controlled warehouses, and all COVID-19 shipments are transported with the highest priority and monitored throughout the journey by Delta’s unique Vaccine Watch Tower.

Building experience in shipping vaccines involves years of building an operation validated against Pharma industry standards. At Delta, it also means being the first U.S. passenger airline to receive IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharma Logistics Certification at its Atlanta hub and headquarters. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta offers tailored pharmaceutical shipping options which meet specific temperature requirements for vaccines to ensure integrity through the entire journey.

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