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ACA/SCA 2023


French Minister visits Port of KoperAs part of his official visit to Slovenia, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, French Minister of Transport, visited the Port of Koper where he became acquainted with the development plans of the only Slovenian port.

The Port of Koper has been cooperating for decades with important French logistics companies, first and foremost with the French shipowner CMA CGM which has been using the Port of Koper for more than 20 years to serve the markets of Central Europe. In fact, the French shipowner is one of the three largest shipowners present in the Koper Container Terminal.

According to the shipowner’s representatives who also took part in the visit, they intend to further strengthen their presence in the Port of Koper. With this regard, they are counting on the increased port’s capacities, as for instance the extended Pier I, the increased capacity of the Container Terminal and especially the increased capacity of the rail link between the port and the hinterland in the light of the construction of an additional track that has just started.

The Port of Koper which currently operates the largest Car Terminal on the European side of the Mediterranean, also stores cars from French manufacturers. Last year, over 100,000 vehicles of French manufacturers were handled, namely one-sixth of the total number of vehicles handled in 2020.

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