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DFW International Airport


APM dragan kranCrane operators need to be stress-resistant, precise, have good vision, great skill and no fear of heights. What he gets in return is the best view of anyone at the terminal. 

The sun’s rays make the water sparkle in different shades of blue while a gentle breeze blows over APM Terminals Gothenburg. Though the height of the crane cabin is intimidating, Dragan Ravlic operates it smoothly and methodically. The spreader is repeatedly lowered over new containers and attaches to the corner boxes with great precision.

“I have the best office in the world, with the best view,” says Dragan, who has been operating cranes for fourteen years.

Though the view is beautiful, and Dragan easily operates the huge machine both smoothly and safely, being a crane operator is no laughing matter.

"To be a crane operator, you need to have the nerves of a fighter pilot," Dragan says with a twinkle in his eye.

"You should be up here in a storm! The crane blows around like a dragon in the wind, the containers sway sideways, and snow or fog can make it very difficult to hit the right spot with the spreader. But you need to stay calm, even in difficult weather conditions, be able to communicate clearly and to collaborate," Dragan explains.

The two-hour shift goes by fast. The two-way radio buzzes at regular intervals while container after container is lifted from the ground and placed with a light thud in the right cell on the vessel for further transport to Asia.

"I'm a bit curious about what’s in the containers," Dragan reflects. "It could be anything from luxury cars to scrap, but you have to treat all containers with equal care. You must bear in mind that there is someone waiting for these items on the other side of the continent. It's important to keep the customer in mind. It’s a good feeling to have delivered 100% service to the customer."

"I love working as a crane operator at APM Terminals and hope that I can continue until I retire," Dragan concludes.

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