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LATAM Cargo Avianor Avianor, a renowned aerospace leader with more than 25 years of industry expertise, and LATAM Cargo, the largest airlines in Latin America, based in Santiago, Chile, completed and certified temporary cargo modifications on three Boeing 767.

Avianor, an affiliate company of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, was previously contracted through a mutual collaborator to perform cabin reconfiguration work on LATAM’s 767 & 777 aircraft. Avianor’s experience and familiarity of these aircraft, along with its turnkey temporary cargo conversation solution, encouraged LATAM Cargo to contact Avianor to repurpose the cabin interiors of their 767 aircraft. In May, LATAM Cargo announced that up to ten 767 will be permanently converted to cargo in the coming years. The implementation of Avianor’s temporary cargo modification was a quick and efficient solution while they await its conversions.

This trusted business relationship combined progressive thinking, agility and expertise to propose an innovative response to keep LATAM’s 767 aircraft flying and support the demand to transport valuable perishable supplies. Avianor’s temporary cargo modification solution has supported airlines around the world, by allowing them to adapt their offering to the needs of the economy, support the influx of e-commerce demands and maximize the use of aircrafts during the pandemic.

LATAM will operate these aircrafts with Avianor’s Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) while it gets validated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Aircraft were modified at the beginning of 2021 at LATAM’s Santiago facilities. Avianor provided the materials and work instructions which were then completed with an official virtual walk through to confirm STC compliancy.

“We are proud to work jointly with LATAM Cargo on our first temporary cargo modification on the Boeing 767, an alternate and cost-effective solution to maintain operations and generate revenues. The payback is so short that it makes it the perfect solution. We aim to continuously support and respond to the needs of airlines around the world with our effective cargo conversion solution.” Marie-Christine Huberdeau, Interiors Sales Vice-President at Avianor.

“The implementation of Avianor’s temporary cargo modification was a rapid implementation, in less than 12 weeks we materialized three aircrafts. There was an excellent and collaborative teamwork that managed to reach the success, in such difficult times as a pandemic. All modified aircraft are in operation and without complications. The road is not yet finished, and we are still working together on improvements cabin payload.” Kamal Hadad, LATAM Cargo's Network and Alliances Director.

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