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RZD routesThe first complete container block train with fresh and frozen products was sent by JSC "RZD Logistics" from Shandong Province (China) to Moscow.

The train, consisting of 50 autonomous refrigerated containers with fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as other food and medical supplies with a total weight of 1000 tons, left Zibo station (Shandong Province) on February 1st. The train will proceed to Selyatino Station (Moscow region) through the Zabaikalsk-Manchuria border crossing.

RZD Logistics acts as a train operator along the entire route and implements a range of services, including the provision of wagons and payment of the tariff across the territories of China and Russia, the organization of the "first" and "last" mile, the customs clearance of the cargo. The products are transported in autonomous refrigerated containers of RZD Logistics using Control Tower - technology of continuous monitoring and control of the operability of refrigerated containers. The cargo is expected to arrive at its destination on February 18th.

"The launch of the new route by RZD Logistics will allow us to bring the organization of the cold supply chain between Russia and China to a new level within the framework of the «Agroexpress» project. In the face of increasing demand for such transportation from both Russian manufacturers and customers from other countries, this is especially important. This year, RZD Logistics aims to expand the geography of the project, including within China, and to open the new departure points for export-import traffic of agricultural goods," said Dmitry Murev, CEO of RZD Logistics.

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