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Pharma.Aero new chairman Trevor Caswell is the new Chairman of Pharma.Aero and will preside over the Board of Directors for the next two years.

Trevor is Manager, Demand & Product Development (Cargo) at Edmonton International Airport – a Strategic Member of Pharma.Aero since 2019.

The Board of Directors consists of 5 positions filled by representatives of 5 of Pharma.Aero Strategic Airport Members. Below are the 5 members elected after the 2022 General Assembly, end of March: Trevor Caswell (Edmonton International Airport) – Chair; Jeremy Mitchell (Sharjah Airport Authority) – Vice-chair; Jaisey Yip (Changi Airport Group/representing Lim Ching Kiat)– Vice-chair; Bruno Guela (Managing Director Latin America Cargo City) - Treasurer; Nathan De Valck (Brussels Airport Company) - Past-chair

Trevor takes over from Nathan De Valck, who presided over the Board of Directors since its creation, in 2019. Nathan is Head of Cargo – Product & Network DSevelopment at Brussels Airport Company – a founding Strategic Member of Pharma.Aero since 2016.

Trevor Caswell, Pharma.Aero Chairman: "Edmonton International Airport has been an active strategic member of Pharma.Aero since early 2019. EIA strongly supports the role that Pharma.Aero plays in the global pharmaceutical supply chain. I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Vice-Chairman with the BoD, focused on the project management and development around new project ideas that have expanded our organizational project scope.

I am thrilled and honoured to begin my new role as Chairman, following the tremendous work that Nathan De Valck has successfully led over the past six years. I would like to thank him for all of his time and dedication.

Over the next two years, I look forward to working with the rest of our dedicated team - our back-office, BoD and our Advisory Board, in order to continue building a strong organization for our members.

Some of our key priorities over the next term will be: continuing to attract new members to join; ensuring our existing members continue to receive the high-quality industry insight they have come to expect; expanding our strategic airport members; delivering high-quality projects and white papers our members want to read and more importantly be a part of. 

While Pharma.Aero continues to grow, we will ensure that we remain the essential link that connects pharma shippers with all the strategic partners in the pharmaceutical supply chain. We will ensure we remain the leading cross-industry organization, by continuing to collaborate and coordinate projects that address real challenges in the global pharma supply chain.”

Jeremy Mitchell - Pharma.Aero Vice-chairman: "Sharjah Airport has been a member of Pharma.Aero since inception and I feel passionately that the work we do at Pharma.Aero fills a large need in the logistics and supply chain. Pharma.Aero builds trust between all touchpoints within Pharma Logistics by Air and because of our membership, projects, and BoD direction we can innovate in a unique way.

I am privileged to serve as a Vice-chairman until 2024 and I look forward to our exciting projects, which make a real difference to the Air Pharma industry. Alongside that, with extra resources in the back office and effective managed growth, welcoming new members consistently proves the need within the industry for a think tank with a real desire for change."

Jaisey Yip - Pharma.Aero Vice-chairman: “Pharma.Aero is a project-driven organization and our value-add to the industry is to be able to identify key projects that drive improvements and set new standards in the air transportation of pharmaceuticals.

Singapore Changi Airport is delighted to be part of the Board and assume the duties of project management to continue with the ambitious mission and goals that we have set for ourselves.”

Bruno Guela - Pharma.Aero Treasurer: “I am delighted to continue being part of Pharma.Aero Board of Directors; it is really exciting to see how the organization has grown and the opportunities we have ahead. I am confident we will jointly manage to keep on improving the collaboration amongst players in the pharma supply chain, and delivering value to our members.”

Nathan De Valck - Pharma.Aero Past-chairman: “As past chairman, I look forward to continuing taking up an active role in the Board of Directors and supporting the launch of our Pharma.Aero projects and the smooth running of our back-office and finance processes. I will remain involved as back-up in some of the strategic priorities, supporting Trevor in his role as the new chairman.”

The entire Board of Directors notes and thanks the outgoing Chairman Nathan De Valck for his vision and leadership over the past 6 years of our fledgling organization and we are delighted that Nathan will continue as a valued member of the Board of Directors.

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