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UPS Rick FletcherUPS has named Rick Fletcher as the new president of UPS UK, Ireland and Nordics.

In his new role, Fletcher will be responsible for managing growth and operations across one of UPS’s most important international districts, meeting the growing demands of e-commerce, playing an important role as a vital trade partner both for North America and Asia and enabling seamless trade to and from the EU in the post-Brexit era.

<image002.jpg>Rick’s appointment comes as UPS continues to make important investments through the district, including a 138 million GBP investment in its new air hub at East Midlands Airport in the UK, as well as the arrival of a new direct flight segment between Billund in west Denmark and UPS’s European air hub at Cologne/Bonn airport in Germany.

Fletcher, a UK-national, is a UPSer veteran of nearly 25 years, having joined UPS in 1998 as a graduate trainee. He has held several positions in engineering and operations of increasing seniority across the region, including in Sweden and Turkey.

He previously served as country manager for Austria and Slovenia, before he returned to the UK in 2015 and took two critical roles - initially in operations and then as the Director of Engineering for the UK, Ireland and Nordics. He was then promoted to Operations Europe Region vice president in 2020, relocating to Brussels, Belgium, where he led UPS’s operational response to numerous pandemic-related lockdowns across Europe. Two years later, Rick was promoted to his most recent position of president, Operations, Europe Region.

Please see below an attributable quote from Rick:

’’Across the UK, Ireland and Nordics District we have been investing in a network that will help businesses of all sizes across these countries unlock the potential of global trade. Small and medium-sized firms in particular will have access to our smart global logistics network to help them reach markets around the world and grow their businesses sustainably.’’

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