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Strike Aviation WCS The international air cargo company Strike Aviation, which will participate in the World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in London, one of the largest and most prestigious annual events of this business sector, notes that this year’s forum of the air cargo industry is of particular importance.

Recent market data show that the global demand for air cargo has been declining in recent months, while the air cargo capacity has been slightly larger than at the same time last year. Therefore, sharing of experience and solutions implemented by companies is particularly useful in relatively complex and dynamic market conditions.

The IATA symposium organized in London on 27-29 September will offer a platform for discussions on these issues.

“Our business sector has been affected by several factors lately. The air cargo capacity has increased, yet the cargo volumes have decreased. This is due to the interruptions in the supply chains, which cause some difficulties in the manufacturing sector. There are concerns regarding the potential economic crisis and the consequences of monetary policy in Europe and the US. The war in Ukraine continued to reduce the capacity of cargo transported to Europe, as several Russian and Ukrainian airlines were among the most important players in the market,” Andrius Antanaitis, Director of Business Development for Europe at Strike Aviation, said.

However, according to Antanaitis, not everything is gloomy – there are also reasons to believe that the situation may improve, as confirmed by IATA, which insists that it is essential to monitor economic and political developments in the coming months.

"Strike Aviation, meanwhile, does not yet experience negative changes to the full extent as discussed in the global context. Timely and appropriate strategic decisions, in particular our focus on customer needs and search for solutions have helped our company to retain better standing than the overall market situation. We have a solutions portfolio and sometimes we operate in niche areas, and we are flexible. It is also important that we are able to adapt to airlines, despite changes in their plans, cancelations or reductions in their flights. However, our attention to customers and close relations with them are most important,” Antanaitis noted.

According to IATA, this event continues to drive the industry from talk to action. The Symposium features plenary sessions, specialised streams, interesting workshops, and executive summits, tackling aspects related to Technology & Innovation, Security & Customs, Cargo Operations, and Sustainability.

The event offers a platform for unique business, networking and branding opportunities; engage with senior experts and decision makers across the entire supply chain; debate and influence the future of air Cargo; hear world class speakers talk about the latest trends and issues impacting air Cargo.

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