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WASHINGTON, DC: August 16, 2018. Acknowledging World Humanitarian Day on August 19, non-profit airline coordinator Airlink, forwarder Flexport and Kenya Airways have teamed up to help International Medical Corps (IMC) respond to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

With nearly five years of war between political and tribal groups in Sudan and South Sudan, seven million people in the South need food and security protection while over two million have fled to neighbouring countries. According to the UN, Kenya hosts 114,100 South Sudanese refugees.

UN South SudanFlexport is shipping 1,500 kgs of aid for IMC from London to Juba, South Sudan via Nairobi on new Airlink partner Kenya Airways.

“Airlink is practiced in humanitarian logistics, but the current circumstances in South Sudan make it incredibly difficult to safely transport relief cargo into the region,” said Humanitarian Programmes manager Stephanie Austin. “Our partnership with Flexport helps us work on these more complex airlifts and ultimately expands Airlink’s capacity.”

According to the UN, over 68 million people around the world have been forced from their homes due to war, violence and persecution. Escaping hostilities and seeking the basics to survive, civilians often have little hope of returning home. And during their displacement they can also face sexual violence, arbitrary arrest and detention, forced recruitment, and trafficking, says the UN.

"By combining Airlink’s invaluable, unique network with Flexport’s platform & logistics professionals, nonprofits gain access to affordable and reliable logistics services,” noted Flexport head Susy Schöneberg. This partnership allows nonprofits to focus even more on their core services instead of worrying about the status of a shipment," she added.

In 2008 the UN General Assembly designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day in recognition of, and to pay tribute to, humanitarian workers who have risked and lost their lives helping others.

European Union vice president Federica Mogherini and Christos Stylianides, EU commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management commented: “Over the past year, from Afghanistan to Nigeria and from the Central African Republic to Yemen, attacks have claimed the lives of civilians and humanitarian workers. These acts of violence are a grave violation of International Humanitarian Law. Saving lives should not cost lives.

"Almost 4,400 humanitarian workers have been victims of major attacks over the past two decades. Over one third of them were killed. World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to honour these dedicated humanitarians, and to advocate for their safety and security."



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