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TORONTO: October 28, 2018. Pharma.Aero, the IATA CEIV-based collaboration for shippers and air cargo industry stakeholders, presented Turkish Cargo and global handler WFS with their membership certificates at the Air Cargo Forum this month.

Secretary general Frank van Gelder took the opportunity to outline the organisation’s progress – described by IATA head of Cargo Glyn Hughes as a “phenomenal achievement in such a short time”.

pharma.aero torontoOver six workshops conducted last year by the industry and pharma shippers, the participants evaluated the extensive CEIV checklist, reviewed the audit methodology and priorities, identified challenges, developed and validated an audit checklist and finally discussed technical issues with IATA and agreed next steps.

Van Gelder said all pharma shippers had committed to validate CEIV certification if IATA integrates their feedback into the methodology. He also outlined what the participants had concluded so far:

Simplified audit process with certified suppliers not requiring additional pharma company audits; the alignment of pharma shipper procedures with CEIV standards; more audit focus on specific airside transport providers where most temperature excursions occur; and better audit transparency on station capabilities and performance.

“CEIV has become an air cargo industry standard. Until a few months ago CEIV was unknown to pharma shippers. So for them it was quite new. So it was key for them to understand it,” he said.

As a result of the Pharma.Aero initiative, major pharmaceutical companies now have a much better understanding of the CEIV process and their role as stakeholders. Van Gelder said the shippers have also benefitted from the greater transparency engendered by the on-going multi-stakeholder process and the challenges faced by all parties, whether they are a trucking company, ground handler or an airline.

Gian Carlo Alessi, head of Cargo at Europort Basel described the goal of the workshops as “all about relationships with shippers” and the need to enlarge the community of those involved in order to continuously improve quality levels.

Hughes also acknowledged the “tremendous” effort by companies to become CEIV-certified noting the goal was “all about patient safety”.

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