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HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: November 15, 2018. Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) is to get CS18 million in Canadian government funding and C$5 million from the Province of Nova Scotia to support the development of an Air Cargo Logistics Park.

Halifax International AirportWith HIAA providing an additional C$13 million, work on the project is expected to begin in 2019 and be completed in early 202. The Park is expected to provide employment for 3,000 people and include a new cargo apron area, buildings for cargo handling, an aircraft de-icing facility and associated operational areas both airside and groundside.

“Any way or any time we can improve our capacity to export goods and products benefits Nova Scotians and Nova Scotia companies,” declared Lloyd Hines, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal for Nova Scotia.

“We’ve seen significant growth in our exports, and this investment will help meet the demand for our products, help us reach new markets, and ensure the quality of goods that Nova Scotia is known for,” he added.

In a statement, Marc Garneau, Canada’s minister of Transport, said the funding would increase the export of goods from Atlantic Canada by improving efficiency and reducing bottlenecks in the air cargo logistics chain; and enhance overall cargo capacity with a continued focus on exporting fresh Nova Scotia seafood to markets in China and the European Union.

Halifax handles more than 70 percent of Atlantic Canada air cargo exports with the largest single export category being high-quality, time-sensitive seafood.

The country exported a record C$6.6 billion in fish and seafood products in 2016. The most valuable species were lobster (C$2 billion), Atlantic salmon, snow (queen) crab and shrimp. In 2015, the aquaculture industry produced over C$1 billion in GDP, generating close to $3 billion in total economic activity. Approximately 72,000 Canadians make their living directly from fishing and fishing-related activities.

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