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Qatar Airways launch Animal centreQatar Airways Cargo announces the opening of its state-of-the-art Animal Centre and the relaunch of its Next Generation Live product, setting new benchmarks in the transport of live animals.

As a leading transporter, with over 550,000 animals including 10,000 horses flown in 2023, the airline reaffirms its commitment to animal welfare.

Mark Drusch, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways Cargo, shares his vision: "At Qatar Airways Cargo, we recognise our responsibility extends far beyond the mere transportation of animals. We are committed to advocating for their welfare globally, ensuring our operations respect and contribute positively to their overall well-being. This holistic approach to animal care is a fundamental part of our ethos, driving us to innovate and lead in the industry. With our new Animal Centre and service enhancements, we're not just setting new standards for animal transport, we're actively working towards a future where every aspect of our operations reflects a deep respect for animal welfare, embodying our commitment to making a meaningful difference in their lives."

Qatar Airways Cargo Animal Centre Highlights: Facility Size: 5,260 square meters, featuring full temperature control for optimal animal comfort; Kennel Capacity: 140 dog kennels and 40 cat kennels; Horse Stables: 24 stables distributed in 4 zones with separate airflows for proper segregation; Specialty Areas: Custom spaces designed for day-old-chicks, birds, fish, reptiles and exotic animals; Handling Features: Includes airside and landside interfaces with multiple docks for efficient operations. Equipped with a sophisticated HVAC system for maintaining optimal air quality; Technology: Capacity for handling up to 47 ULD positions, with specialized ULD rooms for various operations.

Qatar Airways Cargo proudly introduces significant enhancements to its live animal transport services: Kennel Calculator Tool: An innovative online resource for determining the ideal kennel size, ensuring comfort and compliance with IATA LAR standards; Streamlined Customer Service: Procedures have been refined for faster and more efficient customer interactions with a dedicated Control Tower for the most sensitive shipments; Digitalized IATA LAR Training: Ensures rapid compliance and enhances staff proficiency in animal handling; Pet Card Service: Continues to offer a personal touch by sharing updates and photos of pets during transit, enhancing customer experience and peace of mind.

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