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BlueBox LogicsolBlueBox Systems, one of the leading developers of intelligent air freight tracking solutions, has gained a new customer for its state-of-the-art air freight tracking programming interface: Logicsols.

The platform of the digital logistics solution provider from New York, USA, allows its customers to manage their entire logistics operations, including features like shipment visibility, data analysis, and document legalization. Logicsols can now integrate BlueBox Systems' tracking data into its own platform and offers its customers even more accurate data.

The enhanced data availability has convinced Saif Uddin, Digital Delivery Leader at Logicsols: "BlueBox Systems offers a wider range of data points for air freight shipments compared to other providers." This includes real-time location updates, weather impact information and potential delays due to customs clearance, for example. BlueBox Systems boasts a comprehensive global network for air freight tracking and delivers tracking data of more than 130 airlines, 1600 airports and about 40 million status updates per day, which is another reason for Logicsols to choose the Bonn-based company.

A third decisive factor is the excellent data quality. "This is especially important for us, so we can offer our customers a clear and dependable picture of their air freight movements", says Saif Uddin. "We've also trust BlueBox Systems because of its proven track record and its strong reputation within the air freight industry." Another advantage: the seamless API integration.

Due to the API solution, the applications of BlueBox Systems and Logicsols can communicate independently and exchange data in real-time. This enables customers to gain important information about ETA changes or delays. Carriers gain access to real-time shipment data to optimize routes, reduce costs and allocate resources efficiently. Manufacturers can get up-to-date shipment tracking information to plan production and proactively manage inventory. All parties along the supply chain can retrieve the most up-to-date and efficiently accurate information. At the same time, the API solution ensures end-to-end data security by providing controlled data access allowing only authorized parties to access and use shared information, safeguarding sensitive cargo details and maintaining the supply chain integrity.

"Our robust API allows for swift and straightforward integration, empowering business with real-time air and ocean freight visibility," says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems. "We provide a user-friendly and efficient API integration that ensures a smooth data flow and minimizes technical challenges for our customers."

Logicsols is one of many companies like Siemens Digital Solutions, 4Flow, Thinkprime, Klog or Otonomi, who are already successfully using the API solution of BlueBox Systems and offer their customers unrivaled data quality.

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