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THE HAGUE/DUBAI: May 11, 2016. Both APM Terminals (APMT) and DP World say they will have certified container weighing capabilities in place when the SOLAS Verified Gross Mass (VGM) comes into force on July 01.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, DP World group chairman and CEO noted: “All our terminals will be ready to meet the obligations under the legislation by July 01 and each one will have certified weighing solutions in place to serve exporters in the IMO member states where we operate.”

Under international law shippers are required to provide a VGM for the 120 million ocean containers in the global supply chain before they can be loaded on to a ship.

This can be accomplished by either weighing the loaded container with calibrated and certified equipment, or weighing the cargo prior to loading and adding it to the tare weight of the empty container.

Hi-Weigh“Our first priority remains to ensure safe and efficient operations for the supply chain,” said Jack Craig, APMT head of Global Operations. “It is crucial that these regulations are met in a way which does not create congestion bottlenecks that ultimately impose additional risk and cost for all stakeholders.”

APMT will support EDI transmissions of VGM information from shipping lines into terminal operating systems prior to vessel load planning.

The company said export containers that arrive without a valid VGM will be “generally accepted, but as they are ineligible to load on a vessel, may be segregated and subject to additional re-handling and storage requirements”.

COUNTY DURHAM, UK: May 12, 2016. In anticipation of the new SOLAS regulations, Hy-Dynamix, part of the Dyer Engineering Group, has launched a mobile weighing solution for exporters to weigh containers up to 35 tonnes at point of packing.

Called ‘Hy-Weigh’, the unit is pallet-based and incorporates a control panel for individual corner raising and lowering. “We have designed a product which is simple, easy to use and reliable, with no complex software or electronics,” said Graeme Parkins, Hy-Dynamix managing director.

“Hy-Weigh removes the need for dedicated container craneage weighing systems or weighbridges, it is easily deployed and moved around a facility, and we are very proud to say it is manufactured in the UK,” he added.


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