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BREMEN/HAMBURG: February 09, 2017. Multipurpose shipping line Zeaborn Group is to acquire the operating businesses of Rickmers-Linie and MCC Marine Consulting & Contracting from Rickmers Holding. The "single-digit million-euro range" deal is subject to anti-trust review.

While details of the purchase calculation are not disclosed, the sale involves the business and shipping line operation of Rickmers-Linie and the bunker purchasing and chartering business of MCC Marine Consulting & Contracting.

Rickmers dealZeaborn is to acquire also the rights to use the 'Rickmers-Linie' and 'Rickmers-Line' brand names in relation to the combined breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo business of both companies.

The proposed transaction also covers the employees, assets, subsidiaries commercial contracts and branch offices of Rickmers-Linie plus NPC Projects, a company acquired in July last year.

"Just like us, Rickmers-Linie and NPC Projects are concentrating on the transport of break bulk, heavy lifts and project cargoes. They have an excellent reputation, have close, long-term customer relationships and stand for reliability, quality, innovation and technical competence," said Zeaborn managing partner Ove Meyer.

The sale has no impact on the workforce, shipping routes and Rickmers-Linie tonnage under long-term charter, said Rickmers Holding.

"With the growth of our fleet, we were faced with the challenge of building a global organization," explained Jan Hendrik Többe, Zeaborn managing partner. "Everyone who knows the shipping industry knows that this is a very challenging task in our time. In this respect, it's a fortune for our development that Rickmers-Linie was available at the right time, " he added.

Rickmers Holding said it would now focus on its Maritime Assets and Maritime Services business segments where it manages and coordinates vessels and shipping projects, organizes financing, and acquires, charters and sells ships on its own behalf and for third parties.

With the sale completion, Rickmers Holding chairman Bertram Rickmers will have a minority stake in Zeaborn Chartering via a privately held company.

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