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COPENHAGEN: May 16, 2019. A.P. Moller - Maersk is combining its APM Terminals Inland Services business with Maersk Logistics & Services from August 01, 2019 in a bid to offer customers end-to-end solutions.

The Inland Services portfolio is a network of 36 business units with over 100 locations worldwide.

AP MOller Maersk Inland Terminal Services Peru"APM Terminals can fully focus on becoming a world-class port operator, while Maersk, with the integration of Inland Services, will continue to focus on ocean transportation as well as logistics and services product development and delivery," explained Søren Toft, EVP and COO of A.P. Moller – Maersk.

"By structurally adding Inland Services to Maersk, customers will have a seamless access to a wider range of logistics and services offerings. It puts Maersk in an even better position to differentiate its offering and scale the Logistics & Services portfolio to an even broader customer base."

APM Terminals will continue to serve shipping line and landside customers with services on and around the port premises such as traditional storage and terminal handling as well as newly developed services such as fast-gates.
While focusing on its core offering, APM Terminals is also continuing to collaborate with Maersk for customers who are looking for end-to-end solutions.

"The even closer collaboration enables both APM Terminals and Maersk to reduce complexity and eliminate service overlaps, so that both brands can focus on their core strengths and provide greater value and a better experience to customers," added Morten Engelstoft, CEO APM Terminals and EVP A.P. Moller - Maersk.

Inland Services provides marine customers depot, container equipment maintenance and transportation while landside customers are supported with warehouses and temperature-controlled handling and storage.

Pictured: APM Terminals Inland Services, Peru.

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