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FUKUOKA, Japan: May 24, 2019. Eco Marine Power (EMP) has installed its ship solar power array on the 54,690-tonne general cargo ship MV Panamana as part of a two-year renewable energy project with Zeaborn Ship Management (Singapore).

panamana solar panels“We are very appreciative of the support provided by the crew and I’ve been impressed by the skill and dedication they have shown during the entire project,” said EMP CTO Greg Atkinson. “This has allowed us to achieve what I believe is a world first – the installation of a ship solar power system entirely by the crew while the ship operated normally. The solar panel array on the ship for example was installed whilst the ship was at sea.”

The equipment, which was delivered in kit form, includes a class-approved hybrid battery pack, battery charging equipment, flexible marine-grade photovoltaic (PV) panels with special mounting frames and a computer automation and management system.

“This project also dismisses the myth that solar power is difficult to install on ships or requires the ship to spend days alongside,” added Atkinson. “Yes there were challenges, but thanks to years of R&D including ship solar power trials we were able to deal with these and this also allowed us to further fine tune our installation kits.

“If shipping companies are serious about reducing emissions then solar power is an option that can help achieve this and it’s ready now for use on almost any type of ship,” he continued.

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