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CN nomineesNegotiations between CN and the TCRC are ongoing, with meetings held between the Parties on April 29 and 30, supported by federal conciliators.

The Union has made it clear that it will not agree to move toward a more modern agreement based on an hourly rate and scheduling that would have provided significant wage increases and offered scheduled consecutive days off, provisions for no layoffs, and reduced hours away from home.

In an effort to reach a negotiated agreement, CN suggested a simplified, alternative path to achieve a deal prior to the earliest possible deadline of a strike on May 22. CN’s suggestion was designed to protect the Canadian supply chain, the North American economy and, equally importantly, ensure employees get a fair deal.

Ultimately, despite five months of consistent discussions, the TCRC has made very few concessions towards a negotiated agreement and has been unclear on what it is seeking for employees other than to continue focusing on a list of approximately 200 local and regional demands unrelated to a modern consolidated agreement benefiting employees and customers alike.

In addition, the Union is unavailable to meet until May 13. CN has been and remains working hard to reach a negotiated mutually beneficial agreement with the TCRC. Regrettably, CN maintains a cautious outlook regarding possibility of finalizing a deal before a labour disruption that would affect the Canadian supply chain, the North American economy and our employees.


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