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union pacific and savageUnion Pacific Railroad announced today that it is offering a new domestic intermodal service that will cut transit time down to three days for customers transporting goods from Southern California to the Chicago area.

The new service, which began April 28, will run daily from Union Pacific’s intermodal terminal at the City of Industry in California to Global 2 in Northlake, Illinois, located near the heart of the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

“We are delivering the service we sold to our customers – and we’re now able to do it faster,” said Union Pacific CEO Jim Vena. “Our railroad offers 70-mph service, allowing us to compete for business while reducing greenhouse gas emissions up to 75% for our customers.”

The new product also will include faster freight interchanges with other railroads for those trains bound for the Ohio Valley and northeast U.S. destinations. In addition, the westbound service from Global 2 to the City of Industry and Inland Empire Intermodal Terminal will be offered as a premium train as well.

This is the second premium train Union Pacific currently offers daily between Los Angeles and Chicago.

“We are excited about this new product, which is part of our continuing effort to find new ways to meet our customers’ needs while removing trucks off our nation’s highways and providing a consistent, reliable product,” said Kenny Rocker, executive vice president-Marketing and Sales.

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