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Swiss World CargoSwiss WorldCargo is glad to announce the expansion of its international network with the launch of a new route between Zurich and Seoul, South Korea, to be served by SWISS and Swiss WorldCargo, commencing on 7 May 2024.

This new lane will connect Switzerland to one of East Asia’s major freight destination and significant economic hubs, renowned for its robust electronics manufacturing and high-tech industry. Operated via the A340 passenger flights, this service underscores Swiss WorldCargo’s commitment to providing swift, customizable, sustainable, and reliable transportation solutions to its customers worldwide.

South Korea’s economic landscape is rapidly evolving, with the capital city positioning itself as a central hub for electronics and other high-tech products. As the demand for these products continues to grow, also thanks to technological advancements, the entry of SWISS’ airfreight division into Seoul represents an important step in continuing to address its customers’ needs for speed, care, and reliability in air transport.

Electronics being transported via airfreight includes a wide range of products, from consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops to sophisticated IT equipment and other components. Swiss WorldCargo is equipped to handle the special requirements that these consignments demand, including safety standards, especially for items like lithium-battery-powered products.

Airfreight remains the quickest mode of transporting goods globally, and Swiss WorldCargo’s extensive expertise in handling high-value and care-intensive shipments will extend to this new region as well.

Although electronics plays a significant role in Seoul's air freight landscape, Swiss WorldCargo anticipates facilitating the transportation of a wide range of goods from Seoul to central Europe and vice versa, spanning beyond electronics to encompass everything from general cargo to high-value shipments.

In addition to electronics, Swiss WorldCargo serves in fact major industries in the region, such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and cosmetics, and other vital sectors crucial to the city's economic dynamism. With a product offering designed for adaptability, Swiss WorldCargo can ensure that every shipment, regardless of its nature, receives the meticulous care and delivery it requires.

“Connecting one of the most vibrant Asian hubs to the heart of Europe underlines our commitment to reduce distances and promises to strengthen trade lanes between two thriving economies” said Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Cargo at SWISS. “With Swiss WorldCargo serving the Seoul region as of today, our customers can look forward to reliable, efficient and high-quality services across various sectors in the area.”

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