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Maersk empowering women My name is Tanya Moodley, I am the Head of Sales Operations and Performance for Southern Africa and Islands area, based in South Africa.

I am now in my seventeenth year of my incredible professional and personal development journey at Maersk. Throughout my journey, I’ve always experienced unwavering support from Maersk, empowering me to take charge of my own career.

When I first started at Maersk, straight after university, I was uncertain about my contribution and the viability of this career choice. However, I've continually been surprised by the significant time, effort and resources Maersk and its leaders have dedicated to my journey and personal growth. Through interacting and learning from compassionate and empowering colleagues has helped me recognize and understand the value of my contributions. At Maersk, I can openly and safely express my opinions, nurturing my creativity and strategic thinking every day.

Maersk’s commitment to gender empowerment and inclusion has grown significantly during my time here. I've witnessed a tangible cultural shift in how the company approaches this issue, translating into concrete actions such as the active promotion of roles for women across all levels, and through initiatives such as RISE, an employee resource network which helps women advance their career in tech, and boost gender diversity across the discipline. Through masterclasses, mentorship opportunities, and workshops, RISE inspires women to reach new heights by connecting them with role models both within and outside of Maersk.
I’ve also observed a marked increase in self-assurance among female colleagues, fostering a culture of mentorship and support. In particular, efforts are being made to ensure equal opportunities for female seafarers and to create safer onboard working environments for them.

There are intentional strategies, methods, and resources available to actively cultivate an environment where women's perspectives are not only heard but also valued and respected across all business areas and seniority levels.

These initiatives and dedication to creating an inclusive workplace have even earned Maersk in South Africa the Standard Chartered Top Gender Empowered firm in the Transport & Logistics industry certification.

Participating in the local mentorship program, "Conversations with African Female Talents," a platform for women across Africa to connect, share, and learn has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. The sessions, led by the Head of Human Resources, focused on shared experiences, the importance of nurturing a sisterhood and boosting confidence.

I have become a mother of two during my time at the company and through Maersk’s Maternity and Return-to-work policies, I have benefited from extended paid leave which gave me treasured time with my children. My leaders are understanding and accommodating of my responsibilities as a mother. Maersk’s flexibility and approach to work-life balance reflects its understanding of the evolving needs of its employees.

As a woman at Maersk, I’m proud of the impact I make in contributing to my colleagues personal and professional development. I always strive to support and empower my team and lead with humbleness, embodying the organization’s clear purpose: improving life for all by integrating the world, which I find very fulfilling.

Maersk is an exceptional workplace for everyone. The organisation invests in us and provides us with the opportunity to bring our unique contributions. In my opinion, the company's ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion positions us as a trailblazer in advocating, incorporating, promoting, nurturing, and connecting women within the company wherever they are based. At Maersk, every woman's unique value is not only recognized but celebrated.

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