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Hanergy Solar 2BEIJING: October 30, 2018. Hanergy Glory Solar Technology, a subsidiary of thin-film power solution company Hanergy Mobile Energy Holdings, has delivered its latest solar-powered electric express delivery vehicles to China delivery companies STO Express and ZJS Express.

Installed with a flexible and lightweight 320W thin-film solar roof panel and a low-temperature resistant lithium battery, the vehicles have a range of 100 kilometres and can operate without recharging for at three weeks.

Lu Tao, CEO of said, "We’re on a mission to improve China's express delivery industry by bringing to an effective use our advanced thin film power technology,” declared Hanergy Glory Solar Technology CEO Lu Tao. “We’re committed to design innovative solar express delivery car solution that is cordless charging via solar power. We hope our contribution is directed towards creating a true green express delivery industry.”

The vehicles have also been upgraded to include a surveillance camera, anti-theft devices and access to Big Data via the Internet to monitor battery status, power generation condition, route lines and distance.

Hanergy says China's express industry delivered 40.1 billion pieces in 2017 – up 28 percent year-on-year – as revenue grew 24.5 percent in the same period to reach US$71.4 billion.

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