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SAN DIEGO: According to a new 'aspirational' consumer survey by brand consultant BBMG and research company Globescan, brands that deliver exceptional products and services, inspire personal relationships, support community initiatives and protect the environment are most likely to drive perceptions of responsibility.

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Samsung, Tata, Unilever and Nestlé top the list. Others ranked among the top three most responsible companies across 21 markets include BMW, Carrefour, Ford, Google, Honda, Hyundai, IKEA, McDonald's, Natura, PepsiCo, Petrobras, Target and Tesco.

BBMG says aspirational consumers represecarrefournt more than one-third of shoppers globally (38 percent) and are defined by their love of shopping (93 percent), desire for responsible consumption (95 percent) and their trust in brands to act in the best interest of society (50 percent).

"Aspirationals are looking for companies they can believe in, and they want brands to stand for something bigger than a product or service," said Raphael Bemporad, BBMG co-founder and chief strategy officer. "The world's most responsible companies recognize that being relevant in the future means delivering on a more holistic value proposition based on high performance, authentic relationships and concrete social and environmental actions."

Survey results suggest countries with fast-growing consumer markets also have a high percentage of aspirational shoppers: India (58 percent), South Korea (53 percent), China (51 percent), Turkey (48 percent), Russia (47 percent), Indonesia (46 percent), Nigeria (43 percent), Peru (42 percent), Pakistan (38 percent), Kenya (35 percent) and Brazil (33 percent).

"Aspirationals matter because they are the first to unite materialism, sustainability and cultural influence," said Eric Whan, Sustainability director at GlobeScan: "As the largest consumer segment globally, they are the most critical audience to reach and engage if we want to reinvigorate brand loyalty and drive sustainable behaviour change at scale."

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