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EASTBOURNE, UK: August 29, 2019. According to plastic pallet company Goplasticpallets, UK government plans to introduce a tax on plastic packaging with less than 30 per cent recycled content has made the moral case for using recycled plastic pallets a business case.

goplasticpalletsLast month a report by Imperial College London recommended that a tax on plastic packaging should be set at £150 per tonne to provide an incentive for producers to reduce the use of virgin plastic and stimulate demand for recycled content, estimated to be able to provide 75 percent of UK demand for packaging.

Commenting on the report Jim Hardisty, managing director of Goplasticpallets.com said: “As plastic packaging suppliers we should all be looking for ways to reduce the amount of virgin plastic we use and where possible replace this with recycled material; it’s essential for the environment, and makes long term financial sense.

“We are proud that 96 percent of the plastic pallets we supply are made entirely from recycled material, meaning that they go above and beyond the threshold needed for plastic packaging.

“The remaining 4.0 percent of course are made from virgin material that is necessary for some applications, particularly customers operating in ultra-hygienic environments, where pallets may come into contact with food or pharmaceutical products,” he added.

So far this year the company says it has recycled 134 tonnes of plastic waste from old pallets and boxes supplied to customers.

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