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ROTTERDAM: July 12, 2019. A food and logistics platform to improve the speed, efficiency and cost of shipping food ingredients for the restaurant industry is to be launched by Cogoport Europe, Milvum and Royal Blue & Orange International Trading (RBO).

Milvum is currently developing a blockchain and AI-based solution linked to Cogoport’s global shipping portal for RBO Trading’s B2B “conscious and ethical food” ingredient, equipment & logistics platform. The company is a supplier of food ingredients and equipment to the fast food Industry.

Cogoport RBOTradingWith a launch for all markets by mid-2020, the platform has been awarded a major subsidy from Innovation Stimulation (MIT) – a joint initiative from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of South-Holland.

The system is designed to help farmers, producers of food, logistics providers and ultimately consumers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa who otherwise don’t benefit from volume-driven sourcing or purchasing of goods.

“SME restaurants and food suppliers struggle to get real value when shipping/importing their products – and that impacts their ability to compete in the food industry where larger enterprises have huge purchasing and negotiation power,” explained RBO Trading CEO & founder Sukai Ceesay. “I firmly believe that when you support small and medium size businesses to thrive and prosper, you indirectly help big companies as well,” she added.

“Our SME customers in the Netherlands and across the wider BENELUX region say Cogoport is already saving them between 10-15 percent on every container shipment. As we remove archaic and time-intensive processes we’ll be able to deliver similar digital efficiencies to farmers in the food supply chain,” said Europe CEO Carmit Glik.

Headquartered in Mumbai and now with 12 offices across India and the Netherlands, the company claims 27,000 registered users who use its platform to select their best shipping solution “in minutes”.

Pictured: RBO Trading CEO & founder Sukai Ceesay (centre) talking to Cogoport.

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