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DUNKERQUE: June 21, 2016. SNCF Logistics and the Port of Dunkerque have signed a three-year deal to ensure they are part of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ rail network linking points in China and Europe.

Port of Dunkerque CEO Stéphane Raison (right in picture) said: "The industrial and port community of Dunkerque, which is France's leading rail hub, will benefit enormously from the experience acquired by SNCF Logistics in multimodal transport, logistics and freight forwarding.”

SNCF Logistics Partnership Agreement ENAlain Picard, general director of SNCF Logistics (left in picture), noted the port of Dunkerque handles 11 percent of France’s rail traffic and is an essential link in the country’s logistics chain: “For SNCF Logistics, which is the leading transport company in France and the fourth-largest in Europe, this partnership with [the port] will reinforce relations for all aspects of our activity and help to boost the volumes carried, to the benefit of both partners."

The two executives said their non-exclusive agreement is designed to enlarge the distribution hinterland of the port of Dunkirk and ensure its long-term reputation as a major centre of transport logistics; meet the demands of an increasingly international clientele by developing new solutions for smoother and faster transit through the port; and promote so-called "virtual logistics chains".

Dunkirk is the busiest passenger port in Europe (Calais-Dunkirk axis); the largest port complex in France (traffic of more than 90 million tonnes through Calais-Dunkirk); France's largest energy hub; the largest LNG terminal; the leading port for containerized fruit and vegetable imports; the leading French port for ore and coal imports; France's largest rail port; the largest waterway port in the region; and France's third-ranking port for grain traffic.

SNCF Logistics, part of French rail company SNCF, is Europe’s fourth largest logistics company employing over 52,000 people in 120 countries. Turnover was €10.3 billion in 2015.

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