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ROTTERDAM: April 23, 2019. New figures published by the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEA), suggest the industrial sector at the Port of Rotterdam has cut its emissions by 13.6 percent over the past two years, the equivalent reduction of 4.2 million tonnes.

port of orotterdam co2The key contributor to this decrease is the closure of several outdated coal-fired plants in mid-2017. However natural gas power stations were used more which led to a collective increase of 1.7 million tonnes of CO2 since 2016. Last year the coal and gas-fired plants released 27 percent less CO2, or four million tonnes, than in 2016.

The NEA notes that in 2018 the refineries cut their emissions by 6.6 percent or 0.6 million tonnes compared to 2016. Since 2005 Rotterdam refineries have reduced their CO2 emissions by 20 percent or 2.1 million tonnes, as production rose 4.0 percent.

The Port of Rotterdam says its refineries are making far more low-sulphur products - a relatively energy-intensive category – as emissions increased from companies that produce industrial gases, including hydrogen that is used to desulphurise fuels.

The NEA figures include 96 percent of all emissions released by Rotterdam’s industrial sector.

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