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BLG AGM 2024 “In 2023, BLG LOGISTICS proved to be a strong and reliable logistics partner for trade and industry in an economically and politically highly erratic environment.

The shortage of skilled labor, climate change, inflation, the situations in Ukraine and the Middle East, attacks on trade vessels by Houthi rebels – the list of conflicts, crises and catastrophes is long and constantly changing. Despite all these obstacles, we were able to close the financial year 2023 much better than expected. 2023 showed that reliability and adaptability remain the decisive factors for success even in difficult times.”

This was the positive conclusion of the CEO of BLG, Frank Dreeke, in his report on the 2023 business year to the 144th general shareholders meeting of BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT -Aktiengesellschaft von 1877.

The BLG Group posted sales of EUR 1.21 billion in financial year 2023. That was 8.1 percent more than in the previous year. “Considering the many crises and challenges we faced, that is a more than respectable performance. This means that we beat the downward trend caused by the coronavirus crisis for the second time in succession. All our areas in the company and every colleague contributed to this,” emphasized Frank Dreeke in his address.

The earnings before tax (EBT) of the Group for 2023 totaled EUR 36.1 million. This was 35.2 percent below the previous year (EUR 55.7 million). The Group EBT therefore decreased by EUR 19.6 million. The EBT margin was three percent. In the previous year, the figure was five percent.

The AUTOMOBILE division was able to increase sales and profit dramatically. Sales grew by EUR 62.1 million to EUR 641.9 million. The sales growth is mainly due to higher revenues in the areas of transport and storage. In the entire AUTOMOBILE network, the division handled, transported or technically processed some 5 million vehicles last year. In the reporting year, the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven returned to positive figures, achieving a significant improvement in its result. This was due especially to the restructuring and transformation processes coming into effect as well as newly agreed contracts with a number of key accounts.

The CONTRACT division also developed positively. Sales revenue increased by EUR 20.9 million to EUR 569.1 million. In the continuing multi-crisis situation, the division again succeeded in meeting its targets in 2023. Some individual locations suffered significant volume reductions, but higher volumes and productivity plus additional business at other locations compensated for this. Other factors with a positive effect were falling inflation rates and especially lower energy prices in the course of the year.

The CONTAINER division was impacted by weak demand in the economy and closed the year with a clearly positive result, but financially down on the previous year. Over the reporting year, in total noticeably fewer containers than expected were handled at the inland terminals of the EUROGATE Group. The handling volume decreased from 11.2 million TEU by 5.1 percent, and declined at the German terminals overall by 10.5 percent. Storage earnings, which significantly increased in the previous year due to disrupted schedules of the shipping lines, also decreased earlier than expected. Due to a decline in handling volumes by the fully consolidated companies in Germany, EUROGATE posted a significant decrease in sales by some 13 percent to EUR 301.9 million (BLG share).

Summing up the developments in the three divisions, Frank Dreeke said: “The result for 2023 exceeded our expectations and is proof of our reliability, performance capability and our entrepreneurial strength in a dynamic and challenging business environment.”

“Delivering” is the title of this year's Annual Report. “Short, simple and to the point. Delivering is what we do every day. We move goods, raw materials and products of all kinds. From the smallest screws for global automobile production to core assemblies for the Ariane 6, due to be launched into space in the near future. We deliver. Every day with high performance, expertise and passion,” said BLG CEO Frank Dreeke in his address.

That would not be possible without the employees of the BLG Group, he stressed. BLG LOGISTICS provides approx. 20,000 jobs around the globe. “To recruit, train and retain employees, we aim to permanently raise awareness on the employment market of our company as an attractive employer. The basis for this are our corporate values and corporate culture,” said Frank Dreeke.

The BLG CEO admitted to some concerns about the future: “The Middle East conflict and the continuing war in Ukraine could exacerbate the situation further. We continue to operate in a volatile market environment. To meet these challenges, we are investing heavily in flexibility, digitalization/AI, automation and sustainability. BLG is a well-positioned, robust, future-oriented and competitive company.”

Following the report and questions from the shareholders, the Annual General Meeting approved the actions of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management with a large majority, and also approved the payment of a dividend of EUR 0.45 for the financial year 2023.

zepa onboarding The Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA) announces the onboarding of 11 organizations from the container port industry.

Among the members are APM Terminals, CATL, DP World, Kempower, Patrick Terminals, Port of Aarhus, Port of Rotterdam, Rocsys, Sany, SSA Marine, and ZPMC.

The ZEPA members are committed to accelerating the adoption of Battery-Electric Container Handling Equipment (BE-CHE) together. Their collective effort is aimed to take a significant step to speed up port decarbonisation and make BE-CHE affordable and accessible within this decade. The new members bring vital insights, contacts and a strong drive for decarbonisation to the alliance. The alliance is open to all industry partners and is run by an independent 3rd party Secretariat.

Sahar Rashidbeigi, Global Head of Decarbonisation, APM Terminals, stated: “Reflecting on our journey, it is incredible to see how far we have come since defining the problem at last year’s TOC Europe conference. From the ‘tipping point’ White Paper nine months ago to launching ZEPA with DP World in December during COP28, and now onboarding 11 key members across the value chain, our progress highlights that we are addressing a valuable problem that resonates across the industry, and it affirms our conviction that collaboration is essential to tackle it effectively.”

In the past months, ZEPA has conducted working sessions and initial analyses, and held its first formal Steering Committee during TOC Europe on June 11th.

ZEPA is led by its Steering Committee, which held its first successful meeting at TOC Europe in Rotterdam. During the meeting, ZEPA members highlighted their membership as a key priority in their efforts to reduce emissions and to bring forward the Total Cost of Ownership parity of battery electric equipment with diesel. Key industry leaders voiced their support and emphasised that change comes faster with cross-value chain collaboration. The alliance is designed and implemented in full compliance with all applicable anti-trust and competition laws, monitored by external legal counsel.

Representatives of ZEPA members were actively involved in several panels at TOC Europe, where the alliance' mission and progress were discussed, further emphasizing the urgency and collective effort required to reduce emissions. ZEPA has kicked off work in three (of the four) workstreams:

Measure and report projected aggregated global demand for BE-CHE, to incentivise Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to scale-up production and shorten their lead times.

Develop voluntary and accessible design standards for untethered BE-CHE, to achieve economies of scale and simplify implementation through equipment interoperability and compatibility. This includes harmonising operational requirements and identifying potential for charging strategy harmonisation and component standardisation. Any design standards will be voluntary, public and accessible, without enforcement. The deliverables do not prevent stakeholders going beyond the standards in terms of BE-CHE performance. ZEPA actively seeks industry and public sector input in the process.

Develop an electrification toolkit, including best practices and a technical checklist for port authorities and terminal operators to prepare for and implement the power infrastructure required for BE-CHE, shore power and other cargo segments at ports.

Maersk 100 years in Japan A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk), a global leader in integrated logistics, celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first call in Japan with its long-standing partner Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation (MLC).

In 1924, the first Maersk vessel, “LEISE MAERSK” called Yokohama, Japan, kicked off a century of Maersk’s development in the country. Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation’s collaboration with Maersk can be traced back to 1928 when it became Maersk’s local agency for the Japanese market.

The 100-year ceremony, co-hosted by Robert Maersk Uggla, Chairman of the Board of A. P. Moller – Maersk, Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director of Northeast Asia at Maersk, and SAITO Hidechika, President and Representative Director, Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation, took place on June 4, 2024. The event welcomed 150 distinguished guests, including INADA Masahiro, Director-General of Ports and Harbors Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, YAMANAKA Takeharu, Mayor of Yokohama, FUJIKI Yukio, The Chairman of Port of Yokohama Promotion Association, and Peter Taksøe-Jensen, Ambassador of Denmark to Japan, who celebrated this historic milestone for Maersk.

"A century has passed since Maersk’s first vessel called Yokohama. We have witnessed and participated in the remarkable growth of Japan as it has become a global economic powerhouse. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the support over the years, including that of the Japanese government, our partners, customers, and employees. The 100-years history has paved the way for our further growth and innovation in Japan." Toru Nishiyama, Managing Director, Northeast Asia at Maersk.

This milestone for Maersk coincides with the 165th anniversary of the Port of Yokohama. As part of the commemorations, Robert Maersk Uggla participated in a Floral Tribute Ceremony at the Yokohama Dockworkers’ Memorial Tower with MLC’s management to pay tribute to the unwavering dedication of Yokohama port workers and unions.

"We are celebrating our 96th year of doing business with Maersk. Together, we have faced challenges along the way, but with mutual trust and cooperation, we have been able to overcome them. The shipping industry is rapidly evolving, but with our years of experience and foresight, we are committed to providing the utmost support to navigate through these times of transformation together." Saito Hidechika, President of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation.

Over the past 100 years since “LEISE MAERSK”’s call, Maersk has been extending its business footprint in Japan. Currently, Maersk has offices in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka, serving Japanese clients across various sectors such as Automotive, Technology & Electronics, Chemical & Industrial, FMCG, Retail & Lifestyle, and Refrigerated goods. Maersk augmented Ocean logistics with strong addition in air, in-land, and contract logistics in Japan, as part of its integrated strategy. Japan plays a critical role in realizing Maersk’s 2040 net-zero emission goal. In December 2023, Maersk signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the City of Yokohama and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) to the develop green methanol bunkering infrastructure in Yokohama.

DP World investment announcement DP World, a global leader in supply chain solutions, is making significant investments in its port terminals in Peru and Ecuador to enhance capacity and operational efficiency, reinforcing its strategic vision for Latin America and providing additional trade opportunities for its customers.

The expansions come amidst an increasingly complex global supply chain landscape, as leaders are seeking ways to mitigate risks and enhance resilience. Situated on the West Coast of South America, Peru and Ecuador are pivotal to DP World’s global strategy, serving as key gateways to international trade.

Carlos Merino, CEO of DP World in Peru and Ecuador, said: “DP World remains committed to creating resilient and efficient logistics solutions. Peru and Ecuador’s strategic locations provide reliable connections from the west coast of South America to major global markets. This substantial investment in port infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment underscores DP World’s dedication to enhancing capacity, operability, and economic contributions in this vital region.”

The company is set to celebrate two major milestones in the next few months: the inauguration of the completed Bicentennial Pier expansion project at its operations in the Port of Callao in Peru, and the initiation of a berth expansion project at the Port of Posorja in Ecuador.

In Peru, the Bicentennial Pier expansion at DP World Callao will significantly increase the terminal's capacity by 80%, transforming it into a premier logistics hub on the west coast of South America. The $400 million project extends the pier to 1,050 meters, enabling it to accommodate up to three vessels simultaneously and increasing its annual capacity to 2.7 million TEUs (20-foot containers).

The expansion also includes state-of-the-art electric-powered equipment and the first electric charging station for trucks in Latin America, promoting sustainable logistics solutions.

DP World Callao handles 60% of the country’s containerized cargo, solidifying the port’s position as the economic heart of Peru. In addition, DP World operates the Port of Paita in northern Peru, enhancing the country’s connectivity to global markets.

In Ecuador, DP World is planning to expand its berth at the Port of Posorja to enhance capacity and operational efficiency. Earlier this year, the deepwater port received three key service routes from Maersk, strengthening its strategic role in connecting Latin America with global markets. The $140 million expansion will extend the port to 700 meters of berth space and integrate advanced port equipment to ensure that Posorja remains a competitive, secure, and sustainable public terminal.

DP World operates a Special Economic Zone located next to the port of Posorja, further bolstering the nation’s trade capabilities.

Merino added: “DP World’s investments in Latin America encompass private capital infusion, job creation, and social and environmental initiatives. These investments align with global market trends where clients demand efficient, safe, and sustainable ports and logistics solutions.”

The company’s investment extends to Chile as well, where DP World San Antonio is undergoing a pilot project to test the MoorMaster NxG, a mooring system that consists of automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels within seconds. DP World San Antonio will be the first terminal in the Americas to utilize this system.

These strategic investments reflect DP World's commitment to advancing Latin America's role in global trade, enhancing regional connectivity, and fostering sustainable economic growth.

DHL Express SMEsDHL Express has announced the launch of an international returns portal for its SME customers.

The portal, part of DHL Express Commerce, enables small businesses to implement a fully branded returns process on their website within minutes. It is fully customisable and allows eCommerce brands to set their own returns policies and terms, so shoppers can easily initiate returns and generate printable labels.

According to research from IMRG*, 57% of consumers are more likely to choose retailers with an easy returns process. This is why DHL has developed a service that enables small businesses to generate more sales by putting consumers at ease and enhancing the complete shopping experience.

By using the DHL returns portal, businesses are not subject to duties and taxes on the inbound delivery as they would be if their customers were sending goods independently. And by streamlining the returns process, suitable items can be processed as swiftly as possible for onward resale.

Kerry Croft, Business Development Director, DHL Express UK says: “As UK businesses continue to grow their global customer base, it’s important to offer the same level of service to international customers to those at home. Our returns portal allows small or growing eCommerce businesses to offer a professional returns solution that can give overseas shoppers real confidence. Our aim is to help small e-commerce businesses grow internationally, but we know how limited resources can be. That’s why we’ve made the returns portal simple to set up and crucially, free. We’re removing barriers to our customers crossing borders.”

DHL Express Commerce seamlessly integrates with leading platforms and marketplaces and is the latest SME service offering from DHL. It is already being used by 4,000 small business customers. The new development allows both orders and returns to be managed seamlessly from one intuitive platform.

SRSA MoU Khaled Saudi Red Sea Authority (SRSA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, to explore ways to cooperate in areas related to sustainable marine protection and recreational marine tourism activities.

During the signing ceremony, SRSA was represented by the CEO Mr. Mohammed Al-Nasser, while Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation was represented by their president, HRH Princess Hala bint Khaled bin Sultan Al-Saud.

The MoU is part of SRSA’s efforts to expand its strategic partnerships and falls under its mandate to establish a mechanism that ensures the protection of the marine environment, while utilizing best international practices to develop navigational and marine and tourism activities.

The MoU also aims to achieve integration with relevant entities from public, private, and third-sector organizations, ultimately realizing the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by enabling coastal tourism to become a valuable sector of the national economy.

The agreement entails several areas of cooperation, including human capital development, ocean conservation, marine reserves, plastic pollution, protection of coral reefs, blue economy, knowledge sharing, research initiatives, and awareness campaigns.

SRSA and the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation look forward to using their new partnership to support environmental conservation and sustainable use of the marine environment in Saudi Arabia.

Giant Panda FedEx USAThe Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) announced it will receive two giant pandas by the end of this year, who will be transported from China via a FedEx Express Boeing 777-Freighter, known as the “FedEx Panda Express.”

Qing Bao [ching-BOW], a two-year-old female, will arrive from the Dujiangyan Base in Sichuan and Bao Li [BOW-lee], a two-year-old male, will arrive from the Shenshuping Base in Wolong.

FedEx has a long history of working with the Chinese government and zoos around the world to safely ship giant pandas to and from China. As part of its ongoing support of environmental conservation efforts, FedEx is proud to donate the cost of transporting the pandas.

“We look forward to once again calling the FedEx Panda Express into service and using our logistical expertise to safely move Qing Bao and Bao Li to Washington, D.C.,” said Richard W. Smith, president and chief executive officer, Airline and International, FedEx. “It’s a privilege to take part in this next phase of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute’s giant panda program and provide the safest and most comfortable transportation for these beloved animals.”

FedEx has previously had the privilege of transporting 15 different pandas on 10 separate flights over the past two decades. Most recently, the company transported Bao Li’s grandparents, Mei Xiang, Tian Tian and their cub Xiao Qi Ji, from Washington, D.C. to China in November 2023. FedEx also transported Bao Li’s mother, Bao Bao, to China in 2017.

FedEx african SMEs FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, announced its SME Connect series.

An event that underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Africa. FedEx achieves this by harnessing the power of intelligent logistics solutions, all underpinned by digital innovation aimed at streamlining trade and fortifying business resilience.

The inaugural event in Nairobi saw an impressive attendance of more than 74 customers and prospects, across the SME segments in Kenya, who enthusiastically participated in the Q&A and networking session.

Nitin Navneet Tatiwala, vice president of FedEx Express MEISA marketing, said, “The SME Connect Series fosters valuable connections with our customers through interactive networking sessions. With over 50 years of logistics expertise, we help SMEs navigate the complexities of global trade, optimize their supply chains, and position them for sustained growth. Forums like our SME Connect sessions help SMEs understand and utilize FedEx solutions effectively. They also create a space for SMEs to provide feedback, which we greatly value, helping us to enhance our services. Beyond logistics, we see ourselves as growth enablers, connecting these businesses to global opportunities and helping them thrive in this digital age.”

FedEx offers speed and reliability through faster transit times via an enhanced air network. Critical and urgent shipments can now reach major markets and territories around the world within two to three business days* through the FedEx International Priority® service. Furthermore, FedEx provides enhanced economy services, catering to the cost-effective and timely delivery of less urgent shipments, ensuring businesses and individuals can optimize their shipping choices with reliability and affordability. The FedEx International Connect Plus® (FICP) has also been expanded to 14 markets across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. This offers a cost-effective e-commerce international shipping solution with competitive speed and attractive prices, delivering most shipments within the region within one to three business days*.

To further support SMEs in navigating the global marketplace, FedEx offers a wide range of solutions by unlocking digital intelligence. Interactive solutions like FedEx® Delivery Manager International (FDMi) allows businesses to offer their customers the freedom to manage delivery preferences. Automated tools, including FedEx Ship Manager™, enables SMEs to access forms, prepare shipping labels, and generate documentation effortlessly. The FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents feature allows businesses to submit customs documentation digitally.

FedEx remains dedicated to supporting the growth and success of African SMEs. The Connect Series meets are just one of the ways we’re committed to ensuring that businesses in Africa have the tools, expertise, and resources they need to thrive in today’s global marketplace. For more information about our services and to explore how FedEx can empower your business, please visit the FedEx shipping service site.

emirates sky cargo executiveEmirates SkyCargo, the cargo arm of the world’s largest international airline, has implemented a bespoke training programme, designed to equip the cargo leaders of tomorrow with the commercial and leadership skillset for future success.

As the logistics industry faces a lack of skilled workforce, Emirates SkyCargo aims to create opportunities for growth within its operations, inspiring employees across all levels to develop their career with the airline.

Split into two groups of 16, the candidates are handpicked from Emirates SkyCargo’s pool of high performing cargo managers and include both Emirati Nationals as well as other nationalities from the airline’s outstations. The 15 day programme includes six sessions, focussed on proactive preparation and strategic optimization of current and future operations, including the groundbreaking use of artificial intelligence (AI), embedding innovation at every touchpoint and tangible sustainability approaches. Throughout all sessions, the participants are supported with an all-encompassing business coaching program. The candidates will graduate with a diploma endorsed by AviationNOW, a member of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), the organization representing and uniting all facets of the air cargo industry.

Nadeem Sultan, Senior Vice President of Cargo Planning and Freighters, Emirates SkyCargo said, “Implementing this Executive Leadership Programme is a crucial step on our long-term strategic roadmap, ensuring we foster the outstanding talent within our commercial operations to take the helm of Emirates SkyCargo to greater heights in the future. Creating an environment of development and providing continuous opportunities for learning contributes to the long tenure of Emirates SkyCargo staff, and helps us attract the best talent in the industry, despite the challenging environment.”

To deliver the Executive Leadership course, Emirates SkyCargo has partnered with AviationNOW, the aviation arm of the GrowNOW Group. The training is hosted at Emirates headquarters in Dubai, and will be a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, providing candidates with tools to implement in their immediate roles as well as for the next stage of their career. Following the first schedule, Emirates SkyCargo plans to extend the training programme to other aspects of the business, including operations.

Learning and development is a key priority across the Emirates Group with 18,600 employees from 84 countries participating in various training courses in the 2023-24 financial year. The Group launched a new leadership programme and continued two existing ones in partnership with INSEAD. The organisation also delivered leadership programmes in collaboration with London Business School, Warwick School of Business and Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy. In 2023-24, employees actively engaging with new learning paths and courses crafted to empower career success – LinkedIn Learning videos received over 1 million views and over 200,000 employees visited the Groups’ Future Skills Portal.

DP World ICC 2024DP World, a leading provider of global smart end-to-end supply chain logistics today announced the expansion of its partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

DP World and the ICC have worked closely together since partnering in June 2023, helping to deliver cricket equipment at the grassroots level and provide smart logistics at pinnacle ICC events. DP World now moves into the Premier Partner tier of the ICC’s portfolio, re-affirming the brand’s long-term commitment and mission to growing the sport around the world.

This announcement comes as anticipation builds for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, where 55 matches will be held across nine host locations in the USA and West Indies from 1 - 29 June. There will be 16 group stage matches held in New York, Texas and Florida, marking the first time an ICC World Cup has been held in the United States.

DP World has already played an important role at this World Cup having provided specialist solutions to transport 10 grass pitches grown in Florida over 1,200 miles to the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York and the nearby practice venue. The pitches were developed using the specialist techniques of Adelaide Oval Turf Solutions and nurtured by US-based turf experts LandTek Group.

A fleet of over 20 vehicles transported both match and practice pitches northward on a two-day journey. Each individual pitch was meticulously prepared for transit and wrapped in order to prevent degradation enroute to New York, DP World’s advanced logistics capabilities then ensured that that the pitches at Nassau County International Cricket Stadium were transported as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Separately, DP World has also used its unique position of having operations across 74 nations, on six continents, to develop cricket at the grassroots level through the Beyond Boundaries Initiative, a mission to empower communities through the delivery of kits and equipment via repurposed shipping containers. The initiative was launched on the eve of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, with ten kits pledged for every 100 runs scored by a team in the tournament. Over 2,500 kits have already been pledged, with 1,750 kits delivered to thousands of aspiring cricketers across India, South Africa, and the UAE.

DP World’s initiative ties-in closely with the ICC’s mission to build better cricket systems and grow the game globally, and through the expanded partnership DP World will now work closely with the governing body on the development of its criiio programme that supports and celebrates the different ways in which cricket is played around the world.

DP World Chief Communications Officer, Daniel van Otterdijk said: “From the delivery of the World Cup pitches to New York, to our continued efforts to grow the game through our Beyond Boundaries initiative, DP World’s partnership with the International Cricket Council has seen us collaborate on empowering people across the world to enjoy the sport at every level. This summer’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup sees the world’s most iconic players take to pitches transported by DP World’s specialist smart logistics expertise. It makes perfect sense, given all we have achieved to date, that we progress to being a Premier Partner as we continue to strive towards the growth of the game for people of all ages and backgrounds all around the world. With our operations there are no limits or boundaries to where cricket can go.”

ICC Chief Commercial Officer, Anurag Dahiya said: “DP World has been a highly supportive and active partner of the ICC, and we are very pleased with their upgrade to Premier Partner status, which highlights the significant value our partnerships bring to global brands. ICC partnerships are based on shared values, and DP World has consistently shown a strong commitment to growing the game at every level globally. The ICC is proud to continue our journey at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and beyond, confident that working with industry experts like DP World makes expanding cricket to new regions and audiences much easier.”

DP World will proudly deliver the match ball for each of the 55 games at this World Cup, as well as presenting the Trophy Tour that brings the silverware to the event. The partnership continues for the next four years and will include October’s ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in Bangladesh later this year.

BIFA YFN CPD The most recent event in the British International Freight Association’s programme of activities for its Young Forwarder Network (YFN) was the first to be accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Guest speaker, PC Matthew Bate gave a presentation to YFN members about how NaVCIS is working with the logistics community to combat international vehicle crime.

BIFA member services director, Carl Hobbis, who has management responsibility for the trade association’s training and development services and had a key role in the creation of the YFN in 2019, said: “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities in which professionals engage to develop and enhance their abilities.

“There is an increasing expectation and desire from BIFA members and their employees to undertake CPD regardless of career level, job role and responsibilities.

“There have been over 125 events since the YFN’s inception, ranging from the educational, such as presentations on specific aspects of the freight and logistics industry.

“Our ambition has always been to add a professional touch by fitting some of them to the CPD structure and guidelines, including specific learning objectives.

“This means that BIFA can now display the certified CPD logo on all approved events and CPD attendance certificates can be issued to delegates for their own CPD purposes.

Hobbis concludes: “Hopefully, this accreditation will incentivise BIFA members to encourage more of their younger staff to participate in the YFN and attend its events around the country. YFN events, which are all free to BIFA members, have always provided learning experiences and the knowledge participants gain gets brought back to their businesses.”

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