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May 05, 2015: B Logistics launches two of the longest nonstop SWL trains towards Austria and Slovakia

After the successful launch of the Swiss Xpress in March, B Logistics introduces two fast and direct rail connections for single wagon load between Belgium and Austria and Belgium and Slovakia. Connections to all local rail sidings are provided for both products. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, B Logistics developed an efficient and reliable production model to cover these stretches of more than 1000 km. With these innovative products the enterprise confirms its commercial growth ambitions.

To date there was no regular direct train connection between Belgium and the two countries. Taking into account the expectation of some customers from the steel and chemical sectors, B Logistics developed these services following the Xpress standards.

By reducing the number of shunting movements during the journey and producing the Antwerp - Austria stretch with the same B Logistics locomotive, the service of these products is highly reliable. The trains run at fixed timetables in order to provide the customers with a clear insight on siding-to-siding departure and arrival times. Moreover, the customer can count on detailed and real time information about his goods and wagons.

The Austria Xpress connects two times per week Antwerp (Wed, Sat) and Vienna (Wed, Sat), transporting conventional and intermodal loads (via subsidiary IFB). The train has a transit time of 30 hours from one marshalling yard to the other. In Austria, B Logistics collaborates with LTE for domestic traction.

The Slovakia Xpress also runs twice a week back and forth conventional loads between Antwerp (Wed, Sat) and Bratislava (Mon, Wed). The journey between Antwerp and Bratislava is ridden in 32 hours. B Logistics operates the train, in collaboration with LTE and ZSSK Cargo for the final delivery in Slovakia.

Sam Bruynseels, Chief Commercial Officer B Logistics: "With these two new products, B Logistics launches unique and fast connections between Belgium and fast growing economic hubs in Central Europe. Our customers are asking for reactivity, quality and transparency; we are confident that these services respond perfectly to their needs. We are proud to offer these premium products at market price. Soon we will boost the capacity and frequency."

Geert Pauwels, CEO B Logistics, adds: "By successfully launching the Swiss Xpress, we have shown that we can be a forerunner in our market. Now we demonstrate once again that we have the technical capacity and the commercial strength to launch innovative rail products across Europe. Thanks to the impulses of our new shareholder, we will continue to boost the standards of rail freight."

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