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July 24, 2015: The Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is currently conducting a research project "Logistics Competences, Skills and Training: A Global View" in collaboration with the World Bank.

There is mounting evidence to suggest that there is currently a global shortage of people with the right competences and skills to meet the needs of the logistics industry.

These skill shortages extend from a lack of truck drivers to problems in filling senior supply chain management posts. In addition, current logistics staff lack competences to perform the tasks they are assigned.

For a more detailed analysis the KLU would like to gather practitioner opinion to review the following subjects:

• Evidence of recruitment problems, high employee turnover rates, and skills shortages in logistics around the world
• Company initiatives to improve logistics recruitment and skills development, including examples of best practice
• Opinions on future human-resource-related challenges in logistics

The survey is being conducted by:

Professor Alan McKinnon who joined KLU in January 2012 and is head of Logistics and Dean of Programs; Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg who has been associate professor of Supply Chain and Operations Strategy at Kühne Logistics University since May 2012; and  Dipl.-Kfm. Christoph Flöthmann who is a PhD candidate in Supply Chain Management at the KLU.

Click on the link below if you'd like to contribute. The survey takes about 15 minutes and the data are collected anonymously and treated confidentially. Supply an email address and you will receive a summary of the results.



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