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August 25, 2015: Jettainer, the service provider for outsourced management of airline containers and pallets,  has begun  upcycling old containers to Airbar, a company based in northern Germany that makes furniture from former catering trolleys.

In order to transform the on-board trolleys into furniture items, the company processes and installs the original walls and transport belts from the airfreight containers.

"All materials used and processes involved are selected for their ecological awareness," says Marcus Schaefer, managing director of Airbar GmbH. "We're now delighted to use components from former Jettainer containers for our trolley furniture. The future owners are not only interested in the environmental aspect, but also in the history behind the design items. The container parts that are installed travelled round the world on board aircraft and will now find a new home."

"Sustainability is a fundamental principle in our corporate philosophy. I'm particularly thrilled that, in addition to our core business, a niche company re- using former containers is also picking up the environmental theme," Martin Kraemer, head of Marketing and PR at Jettainer, explains.

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