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September 10, 2015: Logistics companies must improve their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry to better serve their customers, says IJS Global director Naomi Landman.

Speaking in London, she said the pharmaceutical industry is going through a major transition, moving away from a one-size-fits all model to one built carefully around individual care, personalization, and wellness. "We need to come together and collectively broaden our understanding of the pharma supply chain and not just focus on the freight aspects," she said.

Technological advances, as well as tax, regulatory, and market demands are driving change and making the pharmaceutical supply chain more complex, she observed.

She added that supply chain solutions must be flexible and reliable, and providers must be able to create bespoke solutions based on a clear understanding of the customer and their business.

Landman added that IJS Global has recruited logistics specialists from the pharma industry bringing first-hand knowledge and experience. "This has enhanced our ability to offer flexible and efficient solutions that maintain product integrity. Pharmaceutical logistics is a demanding, time-critical industry that requires the immediate availability of insight whilst appreciating the client's sensitive needs and requirements.

"Our solutions are developed from close collaboration with our customers and suppliers as well as the accumulated experiences of our people and industry knowledge," she declared.

Landman added that logistics companies should also make it a priority to be up to date with the most current issues and trends in the pharma industry to enable them to come up with fast, effective solutions.

Founded in 2004, IJS Global is a logistics provider based in Amsterdam. The company serves the high tech and electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, defense, offshore & spares industries and has extensive experience & expertise in the healthcare sector.

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