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KUALA LUMPUR: December 11, 2015. Worldwide coverage of three apparently abandoned B747 freighters at Kuala Lumpur airport has provoked a reaction from a company called Swift Air Cargo claiming it owns the aircraft.

Swift Air CargoCompany lawyer Syed Ibrahim & Co said Swift's management was "stunned" to read some of the Press headlines concerning its aircraft.

Ibrahim said the company is "understandably very concerned when Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) declares to the world that 'exhaustive steps' were taken to find a contact person, yet Swift has been meeting with MAHB on a consistent basis."

According to a statement, Swift had a first meeting with MAHB's senior general manager, Operations Services on June 17, 2015 followed by several more meetings with the last on October 12, 2015 which was attended by the airport's COO and general manager.

Ibrahim added that Swift had been "waiting for yet another meeting to present more documentation and information as requested by MAHB, when instead MAHB announced to the world that the owner of the three B747's was missing".

Swift says it signed the relevant ownership documents for the three aircraft on June 08, 2015. Ibrahim, who claims to have witnessed the sale, said the airline "is unable to fathom the reason for MAHB's declaration that it has taken 'exhaustive steps' without being able to find a 'contact person' when all along, Swift was fulfilling its obligations."

According to its web site Swift is awaiting a name change from 'Splunk n' Dash Sdn Bhd' to Swift Air Cargo before beginning operations flying "from the Far East to Africa and South America" with what it says are two former MAS Kargo B747 freighters.

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