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MOOG Crossbow ILC2000ZURICH: November 16, 2016. Swiss WorldCargo has approved 10 active tracking devices (ATDs) for its cold chain customers backed up by a 24/7 intervention team.

"This service is unique to Swiss WorldCargo customers as it offers the transparency of real-time information and an intervention team which can influence transportation quality in real-time," explained Alain Guerin, head of Product, Services and Technology Management.

"Fully in line with Swiss WorldCargo philosophy, this worldwide initiative will support the overall continuous service improvements required by the forwarders, shippers and the supply chain," he added.

The ATDs are GD100, GL200/300/300W, Cartasense U-Sensor, Moog Crossbow ILC2000 (right), Senseaware 2000, Sendum PT300D, OnAsset Sentry500 and Flightsafe OnAsset Sentry400.

The airline's acceptance of air cargo smart tracking devices follows recent approval by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Roger Shuler, Business Unit director of Moog Crossbow, commented: "The ILC2000 is currently being used by airlines, logistic providers, OEMs and end users to monitor and track their cold chain and high value shipments. EASA approval is seen an important step in expanding that user base and will be welcomed by new and existing customers alike."

The Crossbow ATD is designed for ground, airborne and multi-modal shipments and delivers real-time tracking and condition monitoring for cold chain and global supply chain applications.

The device also incorporates an airplane safe mode to automatically deactivate the radio transmitter when airborne, while continuing to track and log location and cargo environmental data.

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