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FLORIDA: November 23, 2016. Air Charter Service (ACS) offices in Brazil and Florida recently coordinated the successful delivery of the largest single piece of cargo flown in the Americas.

A transformer weighing 182 tons was flown on Antonov Airlines' AN-225 from São Paulo to Santiago de Chile and then transported to a plant near the capital to replace a damaged unit.

Richard Thompson, president of ACS Americas commented: "The airline said it is the second heaviest single piece of cargo that has ever been transported and the largest to fly in the Americas. The record is a single piece weighing 187.7 tons, which was flown from Frankfurt to Yerevan in 2009, making this charter the heaviest piece flown this decade.

ACS Antonov 225"A lot of careful planning went into this operation. 182,000 kilos is more than most cranes' lifting capacity, and with the tricky dimensions, it took almost four months of discussions between us, the client, the airline and the airports to plan the charter and exactly how we would load and offload the cargo," he added.

Last month ACS and Coyne Airways announced they would donate an agreed amount per business transaction on behalf of their customers to support the charity 'War Child'.

"The air cargo business supports many charities but none specifically aimed at helping children in conflict areas," said Coyne Airways CEO Larry Coyne. "We want to support a charity which helps some of the most disadvantaged people during wars – children, and encourage participants in our industry to give, based on a formula which is simple and within their means.

"By tying the giving to a transaction such as a booking, a landing, or a flight, at a rate they are comfortable with, we take the guesswork out of how much to give and we are committing to give for a minimum period," he explained.

ACS chairman Chris Leach added: "During our careers in this industry some of us have seen the horrors left behind by conflict first hand. With Syria at the forefront of people's minds at the moment, we feel that we can do more to help. War Child helps rebuild children's lives following such conflicts and we are really proud to be supporting them.

"There are some great people in this industry of ours and if more of us came together we could make a really significant impact."

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