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AA Cargo Dogs FORT WORTH, TX: December 15, 2016. In time for the holiday season, local animal rescue nonprofit Society for Companion Animals (SCA) has shipped 61 dogs in two days aboard 19 American Airlines' flights from Texas to new homes on the U.S. East Coast.

According to the society, AA ships a puppy for US$107.00, a small dog at a rate of US$110.00, a medium size dog for $112.00 and a large dog at US$161.00.

SCA founder and president Tawana Couch said the prices were excellent: "American Airlines has really helped us out on cost to transport the dogs."

Complete with sweater, each pet traveled from AA's Priority Parcel Service Center at DFW to La Guardia, Philadelphia and Newark.

"Our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure these animals receive the same level of attention and care a human passenger would," said Chuck O'Connell, manager – Cargo Services, DFW. "And it's all worth it knowing each will make it safely to a new home for the holidays."

The SCA has been rescuing dogs and cats from Dallas streets and shelters since 2008. The organization says 35,000 end up in the city's shelters and thousands more become strays.

According to its web site, the monthly budget to ship dogs from DFW on AA is $4,745 and so far the society's success rate at finding new homes for shelter animals is 100 percent.

Click to donate: http://www.societyforcompanionanimals.org/please-donate.html

"The customer service and care that American Airlines Cargo has for our rescue dogs is heartwarming," added Couch. "Every dog is treated exceedingly well and looked after during the process of traveling to his or her forever home. These rescue dogs really feel loved by the American Airlines Cargo workers who oversee their flights."

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