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BENTONVILLE, AR: April 20, 2017. Walmart has launched 'Project Gigaton' to encourage its suppliers to help eliminate one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing, materials and use of products by 2030.

The company says its goal of removing the equivalent of 211 million passenger vehicles from U.S. roads and highways for a year is based on a verified science-based target emissions-reduction plan.

Walmart solar"Supply chains are the new frontier of sustainability. The journey products take from source to shelf will collectively shape our planet's future," explained Carter Roberts, president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund. "Project Gigaton is a testament to the transformative impact that leaders of industry can have on our greatest common challenges. As more companies follow in the footsteps of Walmart and their suppliers, we can achieve the critical mass needed to address climate change," he added.

In collaboration with WWF and the Environmental Defense Fund, Walmart has identified energy, agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, product use and design in a bid to reduce emissions that are a consequence of its doing business but are out of its direct control – i.e. from suppliers.

"Through the years, we've seen that integrating sustainable practices into our operations improves business performance, spurs technological innovation, inspires brand loyalty, and boosts employee engagement," said Laura Phillips, senior vice president, Sustainability for Walmart. "Our suppliers recognize the opportunity to realize those same benefits in their businesses. By working together on such an ambitious goal, we can accelerate progress within our respective companies and deep in our shared supply chains."

Unilever North America president Kees Kruythoff commented: "We congratulate Walmart on using the power of collective action to tackle carbon reduction and climate change. We will continue to support Walmart's efforts in reducing one gigaton of carbon through initiatives like our Sustainable Agriculture commitment."

Project Gigaton is part of several Walmart sustainability initiatives that include investing in solar energy where it is now one of America's significant commercial solar and on-site renewable energy users.

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