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Cargolux Buoys1LUXEMBOURG: December 15, 2017. Cargolux and Globaltrans Internationale Logistik have delivered two wind measuring buoys for two 2.8GW capacity wind farms off the coast of China's Fujian province.

Designed by the German Fraunhofer Institut, the two high-tech buoys, 8.10 meters long, 2.55 meters wide and weighing 5.8 tonnes each, will be used to determine wind speed up to a height of 200 meters from the surface of the sea.

Globaltrans used special trailers to transport the buoys from Bremerhaven, Germany to Luxembourg lor loading on two Cargolux 747 freighters to Xiamen where, after Customs clearance, the shipments were on-forwarded by specialized trucks to the final destination of Fuzhou.

Noting his company was "challenged by a very time-sensitive" shipment window for the electronic equipment that required custom-built transport frames, Globaltrans Germany CEO Kay Uwe Gretsch  opted for Cargolux because it offered "shoring expertise, long-standing experience and tailor-made solutions for heavy or outsized shipments".

According to Globaltrans, this is the first time China has used a 'Floating LiDAR system' for offshore wind-measuring.

Introduced by the wind farm industry in 2009, they are considered cheaper to install than an offshore met mast and have proved able to withstand challenging environments while maintaining an autonomous and reliable operation of measurement, power supply, data logging and communication systems.

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