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COCHABAMBA, Bolivia: July 02, 2018. Antonov Airlines has begun a series of 12 flights with its An-225 Mriya aircraft from the Chilean port of Iquique on behalf of Siemens ferrying an estimated 2,000 tons of equipment to Chapare airport, Bolivia some 200 kilometres north of Cochabamba.

An 225The flights are supporting a project to expand three thermal power plants owned and operated by the country’s electricity company Ende Andina SAM. Last mile delivery to the Entre Ríos Thermoelectric Plant (PTER) site will use heavylift vehicles with 18 axles.

The shipments are part of an order that includes 14 SGT-800 gas turbines, 11 SST-400 steam turbines with condensers, 22 steam generators plus an instrumentation and control system

In 2016 Siemens signed a contract with the government of Bolivia to increase the combined cycle output by more than one Gigawatt (GW) of three power plants Termoelectrica del Sur, Termoelectrica de Warnes and Termoelectrica Entre Rios.

"This project consists of the expansion of PTER using combined cycle technology in a configuration of 2 gas turbines with one of steam (2x1), which will increase the supply of efficient energy in Bolivia," said a government statement.

Bolivia expects the increased electricity generation will not only satisfy domestic demand but also produce a surplus for export to Argentina.

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