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ZURICH: July 12, 2018. SkyCell, the Swiss-based manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers, is collaborating with DuPont Safety & Construction, maker of Tyvek cargo covers, to ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals worldwide.

EK Tyvek 2The alliance will also share data collection expertise in the area of cold chain transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

SkyCell says 12 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers have independently validated and implemented its service that includes the largest fleet of Internet of Things plugged-in containers in the world.

“With a shared vision of innovation in the supply chain of sensitive pharmaceuticals, this alliance shall help us to ensure that consumers are guaranteed a safe, sustainable service and further improve the offering through a data-driven approach,” commented Skycell CEO Richard Ettl.

“SkyCell shares our dedication to efficient, high-quality, and cost- effective service,” added Christian Marx, vice president and general manager for DuPont Tyvek and Typar. “As a result of this alliance, both like-minded companies will be better positioned to meet the requirements of the global logistics industry.”

Since its introduction in 2013, Tyvek cargo covers have helped protect pharma shipments from temperature variations, rain, dust, pollen, bird droppings, insects and other sources of contamination.

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