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MONTREAL: August 09, 2018. Air Canada Cargo has become the world's first carrier to be receive the new IATA CEIV Live Animals certification.

Air Canada live animalsIATA has awarded the airline with its Center of Excellence for Independent Validators for Live Animals Logistics (CEIV Live Animals) Certification, following successful completion of the verification process in its Montreal facility.

"Air Canada Cargo is a trusted carrier for thousands of animal shippers worldwide and has followed the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR). We expertly handle complex shipments, from rescued dogs, endangered animals travelling between zoos for conservation efforts and of course family pets,” said Tim Strauss, vice president, Cargo.

"We are honoured to have been selected to participate in the CEIV Live Certification program and are proud of the team at Air Canada Cargo for achieving the industry's first ever certification, which reinforces our position as an industry leader," he added.

"I want to congratulate Air Canada for their great leadership in achieving the first CEIV Live Animals certification in the world," declared Nick Careen, IATA's senior vice president for Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security. "Proper handling and transporting of live animals is a very important aspect of the cargo supply chain, with many unique complexities. Global standards and expertise are key to the safe and humane transportation by air of this precious cargo."

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